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  • burgresident burgresident Dec 21, 2012 11:06 AM Flag

    Quality Throughout!

    GM announces a Safety Recall...
    NHTSA Campaign ID# 12V594000 Hood Latch
    Number of units potentially impacted 118,800

    Yup, quality throughout...

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    • Will they ever recall what's left of the exploding Chevy trucks?


    • Yup, quality throughout...---------------- Must agree, quality products. Minor bump in the road! Bowties forever!!

    • "Number of units potentially impacted 118,800"

      Fair is Fair
      118,000 compared to over 19 million for Toyota and millions more for Honda

      • 1 Reply to jeyebolt2003
      • Acknowledged...this is only one small recall. Yes, the Floor Mat thing with Toyota was faaaar larger. And Toyota did have a certain reluctance to acknowledge the issues. Bad Toyota, go pay your fine.

        Comparing who is more screwed up is a dangerous path. Are we seriously saying "Good enough" is the new Quality Standard? I don't think any of us are going there.

        I did want to point out to the Irrational Exuberance crowd that GM has a stigma attached to it by "most" Americans. Clearly not the denizens of this board but certainly the good citizens on my street. Ignoring the whole "Government Motors" thingie and the Union give-away since THAT is a perception that will damn them for decades. The vast majority of GM vehicles in my neighborhood are secondary or tertiary cars for Teenagers due to the cheapness, or the owners are some of the remnant GM or Delphi employees still residing here. We used to have a Chevy Blazer assembly plant here in Moraine. Kind of sad to see it empty now but even the most die-hard unionista has moved on to other employment. Granted, it doesn't pay near as well and they kind of expect the guys to actually show up, but it's something...

        When I can think GM and Quality AND not smirk, snort, or laugh out loud or find myself mentally inserting the word "Bad", "Low", or "Horrible"...well, that will be the same day I seriously consider buying a new GM product.

        Not seeing that happening for at least 5 years...probably not ever if I'm going to be honest...been burned too many times. And Toyota has been treating me, and my wallet, quite well.

    • yeah, unfortunate and probably a supplier error.

      But, please compare Asian OEM recalled vehicle numbers with GM's for CY 2012...

      Sentiment: Buy

    • cobrawolverine Dec 21, 2012 11:18 AM Flag

      Hold on, let me try and beat jeye or the other TM bashers on here to it before their brain kicks in.

      Yes, but it's A LOT less than TM recalls.

      There you go.

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