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  • megtx1 megtx1 Dec 21, 2012 2:24 PM Flag

    GM is an immoral company

    I am a retiree trying to make ends meet. In 2000 I bought at $10K GM bond at initial offering. After GM's bankruptcy in 2009, two years later I received a settlement of $1200. Now GM announces they will be paying profit sharing and bonuses to the same executives and union employees who helped run this company into the ground. I will never buy another GM vehicle and if you agree with me on the immorality of this company, I ask that you never buy a vehicle from them either.

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    • A cardinal rule of life/investing is to NEVER own shares or bonds or investments in the company you work for. You should always diversify and in this case you did not. To blame GM for the government's malfeasance of the economy, read housing collapse, is unfair. That is one of the reasons that the govt is willing to take a loss on its investment in GM. They know that what the govt did to the economy was criminal and GM and many other companies paid a terrible price. The good news is GM will make people rich if they have faith.

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    • imsmarterthanafirstgrader imsmarterthanafirstgrader Dec 22, 2012 9:36 AM Flag

      So let's see, you claim you are a retiree trying to make ends meet ,yet you gamble away 10 K on a bond offering ? You gambled and lost , period the end. The path you chose for your retirement monies has nothing at all to do with GM . Had it been a bank bond, or # 7 in the 6th race at Belmont you made the decision. GM executives or Union employees did not hold a gun to your head and force you to gamble away your savings. Like an alcoholic,a sex addict or a gambler you need to account for your own actions and stop blaming others. Oh, and NO , I don't agree with and neither do millions of others

    • I will never buy another GM vehicle and if you agree with me on the immorality of this company, I ask that you never buy a vehicle from them either.------------------------ Sorry about your loss, but get over it. I am enjoying my recent purchase of two 2013 GM vehicles. Bowties forever!!

    • Millions of people feel the same way you do about gm. Idiots that recommend buy gm stock don't realize the hatred for gm in the United States! Liquidation can't come soon enough for me!

    • Rooks rike you were just chasing after a high interest rate. You do know that the ratings on the bonds were going down yet YOU chose to horld them. You had the opportunity to serll the bonds prior to the bankruptcy, so you are trying to brlame the company for YOUR OWN STUPIDITY.

      I don't feerl sorry for you just because you are a passive investor.

    • Great post. You have just spoken for all of America sans DUHtroit!

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      • Believe in Warren Buffett and David Einhorn

        Both these legendary and astute investors have owned GM long since it was knocked down. Berkshire probably bought GM around $23-25 range and Einhorn has reportedly been buying GM on its way down, with a significant position near $20. Both have been proven right so far, especially Einhorn, who made a public announcement on Oct. 4 on his bullishness about GM. Investors who bought right after his announcement would have realized a 12% gain already! I am sure there are many SA investors like me who would have done their due diligence when GM was knocked down to sub-$20 levels. GM's shares traded in July at prices below even the value of its Cash holdings per share (GM in $19's range was a rare opportunity) but even after the run-up, it holds deep value as shown below.

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      • I am glad to see that other people are beginning to realize what a sleazy company GM is and has been. A leach on society and on American people.
        Thankfully they got rewarded with something others didn't. A bankrupty.
        They have been morally bankrupt for over 40 years.

    • Stick it in your ear!

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