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  • jeyebolt2003 jeyebolt2003 Dec 21, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    What Joke this Government is

    American gave their lives so China can take over the oil. I don't want to hear anyone bashing Labor. We have a messed up Government and a crooked Wall Street. Let talk the real issues.
    China Watch: China National Petroleum to Take Over Exxon Mobil Stake in Iraq Oilfield?

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    • I think what you mean is, "King Obana".
      When a president goes around congress, he believes he is king or dictator.
      Voters we are in big trouble.

    • cobrawolverine Jan 18, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

      You have no problem critizing your own government, but get up in arms when people say something about GM, that happens to be the truth. Seems like your loyalty is to GM, not your country.

      If you held GM to the high standards you hold our government, you may be a little more credible.

    • DISCLAIMER: All posts of mine on the topic of the UAW are my opinions only, whether explicitly stated or not in each post.


      I am bashing the UAW and will continue to do so. I blame them and incompetent corrupt GM management for the first GM bankruptcy. UAW demanded more and more or they would strike. The corrupt, short-sighted management promising it to them, saving their quarterly bonuses but dooming the company down the road.

      That management is mostly gone but the UAW is still infesting the company like a virus. They are like termites eating away at the foundation of the new GM. And you supported them all your working career. Maybe you had no choice since you needed a job, and in those days, they forced you to join or you would have starved. Then the leadership screwed the company and that screwed the employees long term. They also screwed every Tier II worker.

      So it's hard to condemn you for joining these jerks but I can NOT excuse you for defending them.


      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to webuchadnezzar_reva
      • It wasn't just a problem with the build quality of GM cars. GM had to do everything it could to engineer the costs out and make their cars price competitive. When other manufacturers started using fuel injection, GM still used carbs. When others went to port injection, GM went with throttle body injection. When others went to discs, GM still used drums. When others had 4 channel ABS, GM used 3. Others went to OHC, and GM still makes pushrods. GMs were horribly underpowered when catalytic converters were introduced because GM simply slapped them on to comply.
        If GM were a person, it would be on disability because it can't be self-sufficient. After GM uses up all the cash and advantages given it by the government, it will be knocking on bankruptcy's door again.

      • "That management is mostly gone but the UAW is still infesting the company like a virus.""

        wow, can you back it up?Daily we have the Wall Street casino playing games with the economy. Remember the Union took cuts
        in 2007 then again in 2009 You over look every mistake the Government has made. With you its still the union fault. Cheating Banks its still the Union
        fault. Yes the union made mistakes, but the UAW has been
        back peddling since 1982. The biggest mistake
        management dangled money to cut jobs and the Union bought it. The big three had old plants paying high property taxes competing with transplants paying no property taxes a labor work force that wasn't hired by the numbers game, because the owner was the minority, dealers with nice new building .We also was competing with nations that cheated with their currency. Right after Bill Clinton signed NAFTA the Mexican Government cut the PECO in half. The Japanese exporters forced the Japanese Government to manipulate the YEN now. You have to look at the big picture

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