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  • cobrawolverine Dec 27, 2012 12:34 PM Flag

    cobra fiction

    ' The current CTS-V uses a more robust 3rd member with upgraded axle shafts'

    Hey, I'm over it. The guy asked a question. What's your problem with it? Seems like you need to get over it.

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    • I do not recall a GM recall for this problem. As memory serves, this aluminum housing 3rd member was used elsewhere aside from the early CTS-V. When Bob Lutz put together the Solstice and Sky roadster program he used this very same 3rd member because it was "off the shelf" and readily available. I do not recall all the particulars involved with the problems found with this 3rd member in the CTS-V first edition, obviously though, it was not robust enough for "high rpm drop clutch" starts and the rear suspension system could not cope and massive rear wheel hop also occurred.

      I understand the limitations of the FWD system used for my Grand Prix GXP with the 5.3 all aluminum V8 and 4 speed HD transmission - and I avoid driving in such a way as to create the torque steer involved. Even with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 265/45-18 tires, it easily spins the front wheels even with the traction control always turned on. I know this as I've owned my GXP now nearly 6 years - and I might add - without ANY significant problems. An alternator and a battery are not, in my book, significant particularly when those repairs were done under warranty.

      Certainly, I could turn off the traction control and have a fine time lighting up those $350 front tires. There's nothing to prove to anyone - as I know the capabilities/limitations of my GXP.

      During development of the current CTS-V, these issues were addressed and I'm not aware of further problems. Any high performance model can be mistreated/many are as we know and parts will break. Further I'm not aware of issues with the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP which uses basically the same RWD layout with the 6.2 V8 with either the 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic. Finding one of these very rare Pontiac models for sale is a challenge.


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