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  • jondow69 Dec 29, 2012 1:03 PM Flag

    GM, i remember the good ol days????????????????????????

    remember the chevy Vega? those wonderful X cars? the gas engines they turned into diesel engines ????? how about the cadillac cimarron??????????? Hey remember the cadillac 4-6-8 engine?wow boy those were the good ol days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jmo
    i think GM hits the 30's 2013!jmo

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    • The Good Old Days. I remember I looked hard at a 1964 BUICK WILDCAT, loaded. $3,400. Didn't buy it, bought a 1964 FORD Galaxie 500, loaded, $2600. I really liked the Buick but in 1964 $800 was a lot of money.

    • So much for the good ol days. LOL

      I bought a Cadillac ATS Performance Edition this afternoon - ta da. Eat your frickin' heart out buddy boy. Loved my Grand Prix GXP, so does the dealer. So the dealer owns it now. Fabulous warranty and free service, etc. Gotta work tomorrow (yuck) so Wednesday I learn how to use CUE and set everything up. Love the navigation system. CUE is Apple based which matches my iPad and iPhone5. Great terms thru Bank of America. Pays to deal the last day of the month.

      My very first Cadillac.

    • The self serving DUHtroit dolts on this board think everyone is obligated to buy their overpriced inferior products. They will spin and lie, fleece and cheat the America people for their selfish interests - end of story.


    • Yes, I remember the good old days. When GM,F and C were truly the big three. Everyone that wanted a job had one. There was a balanced budget with lots of surplus. No deficits or fiscal cliffs. The only persons on welfare deserved it. It was illegal to trade with China! All of our consumer goods were made in the USA. And then the Asian invasion started, and the foolish buyers flocked to them. If it the manufacturer ends in a vowel it is probably bad for the US. Yes, the good old days! Bowties forever!!

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      • jondow69 Dec 30, 2012 4:17 PM Flag

        hey state I remember when Ford Mahwah,N.J. auto plant was the largest plant in the world,they also had BAD QUALITY,when the Arab Oil embargo's came in the 70's,because GM-Ford_chrysler,didn't have the MPG cars,they let the door wide open! I remember my father buying his forst forgein car,VW beetle,then Nissan's,never looked back,i've been a toyota guy ever since,i remember the import fighters,the Pinto? remember that? AMC Gremlin? Gas engines turned to Diesel?Law suit city, My friends father worked at a GM plant in Tarrytown,NY, bought the Diesel cal, and even he sued,GM over that, I can go on and on........... what they don't realize is they lost a whole generation of new buyers!
        They lost me a long time ago,my neighbor bought a over priced Malibu,2 years ago,man talk about depreciation,wowowowowowowo,what ever,

    • Um. Let's finish living in the past. 30 years ago? The Vega was now 40 years ago. You seriously need to live in the present. The new Cadillac ATS now leads it's class ahead of the BMW 3 series. Apparently you don't read very much. Is FoxNews your only source?

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      • How ironic. I had no idea/intention of buying an ATS the next day after I wrote my previous post. BTW I had a little Vega Kammback with zero options. It really wasn't a bad little car and I had no significant issues. I did upgrade the cooling system so Sears could install an a/c unit. It didn't rust out or fall apart on me. Looking back at some pictures, it was quite nice looking in metallic green with black interior. I upgraded the wheels so I could run A60-13 Firestone tires - sorta made it look like a little green skate board - LOL.

      • ((((Um. Let's finish living in the past. 30 years ago? The Vega was now 40 years ago. You seriously need to live in the present. The new Cadillac ATS now leads it's class ahead of the BMW 3 series. Apparently you don't read very much. Is FoxNews your only source?))))

        Hmmm....never heard you say that to jeyedolt when he brings up Pearl Harbor or GM's contributions to the WWII effort (of course, even HE doesn't mention GM's overseas plants building trucks for the entire German Army).


        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • jondow69 Dec 30, 2012 11:10 AM Flag

        FOX NEWS???????????? FOX NEWS???????????? you're tying that post to FOX NEWS?????????????????????????????, pal get a f'inlife! FOX NEWS????????????? HAHAHAHAH, hey pal you are talking to the wrong guy about fox news,you mean the guys who like rush-grover-tea-party nut jobs? karl rove who wouldn't let go of Ohio that fox news? the guys who rushed Bush into Iraq? hey pal i'm still waiting to be treated as liberators in down town Bagdad? WMD's.ahh who cares,Fox news,they're going down the tubes! I heard a rumor that when #$%$ morris a ex. clinton advisor went to Fox news, some one asked him, did he really think Romney would win? morris said no. so the guy asked morris why he kept saying romney would win big? morris said they(fox news) pays me a lot of $, to tell the losers who watch Fox news what they want to hear, so morris tells them what they want to hear!. morris said, if CNBC.MSNBC pays me millions$, i'll tell them what they want to hear, FOX news, they are a $ controlled propagande machine!
        as far as the post, hey pal, my uncle johnny owned a vega,a X car,another uncle owned the 4-6-8- engine, we all drive toyota's today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        having said that, I own GM stock, hope it goes up, but i wouldn't buy a POS american rust bucket if i had a choice, PS, i also own a 1991 toyota Previa,awesome machine,looks Brand new!
        I also own 1K shares of Ford, would i buy a ford? outdise of a cargo van, NFWay! jmo and goo jets!!!!!!!!!!!

        Sentiment: Hold

    • The good ole days was when a Chevrolet was a car for the middle class. I just checked the price for a cheap Chevrolet Impala. I couldn't believe starting MSRP was above 30k and went to 40k.
      GM is way overpriced.
      I bought a comparable foreign car for 25% less. What I started out looking at was Buicks, but starting priced . . . .

    • Over the next three years GM stock will skyrocket. This rise is only the beginning.

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