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  • sdmiller4747 Dec 30, 2012 10:39 PM Flag

    As President Obama

    slips the noose around the necks of Corporate America and the American People, blankity blank blank blank begins to decimate the American economy! And if you think that was bad just wait till the rest of his blankity blank blank blank takes hold! Nero Obama is just beginning his reign of destruction on the American Economy!

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    • sdmiller4747 Dec 31, 2012 9:31 PM Flag

      4 years later the unemployed still stands at 23 million exactly what it was when our illegal immigrant president was first kinged.

    • Non-thinking no-sense.

      The US economy started to blow up in the last two quarters of the Bush II administration, prior to Obama's first inauguration. Underlying problems and excesses accumulated under several previous administrations, well before Obama was a household name.

      The US economy has, in fact, recovered to a large extent, and continues to grow under Obama's tenure.

      Obama has his faults, but it's a fact that the US economy hasn't blown apart under his watch.

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