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  • jeyebolt2003 jeyebolt2003 Jan 2, 2013 5:30 PM Flag

    GM: Volt sales tripled in 2012

    Washington - General Motors Co. said Wednesday that its 2012 sales of the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt tripled from 2011.

    U.S. sales of the Volt for 2012 will top 23,000 for the year, said Michelle Malcho, a spokeswoman for GM. The Detroit automaker will report final December sales on Thursday,

    GM had sold 20,828 extended-range electric Volt cars through November. In 2011, it sold 7,671 Volt cars, below its forecast of 10,000 for its first full year of sales.

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    • Good for GM.
      I bought my 2011 Volt in July of 2012. Bought it new to save a few bucks.
      Best car I've ever owned. Zero problems and doing far better than the EPA numbers they publish.

      Hope all the political stigma can be left in the rear view mirror. I have not yet been assulted by a fervent Fox News viewer yet in a parking lot but I still think there's a chance :)

      Happy New Year and congrats to GM on a positive year.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • "I have not yet been assulted by a fervent Fox News viewer yet in a parking lot but I still think there's a chance :)"
        Glad you like your Volt. Remember the Volt was being worked on long before Obama.

        Big mistake by Fox attacking the bailout Auto Industry. They hurt Mitt Romney with the attacks on GM and the Volt. The nation has a much bigger problem. The Question should have been why was the Auto Companies forced into Bankrupcty when everyone else got cheap loans.
        And for its part, General Motors Co. GM +2.75% saw the highest December sales in five years, with deliveries up 5% to 245,733 units for the best retail sales month of 2012.

        “All four GM brands increased their sales year over year in December and we were strong across the board in cars, crossovers and pickup trucks,” said Kurt McNeil, vice president of U.S. sales operations. “In December, GM became the first U.S. automaker to sell more than 1 million vehicles in a single year that get an EPA-estimated 30 mpg or better on the highway.”

        Total sales for the year at GM rose nearly 5%, to just under 2.6 million units

    • Uh that just can't be...cuz Mikey says the volt is dead and GM BK2 is just a few quarters away and the stock price will hit 15 before 30 and...oh it's just too exhausting...

      By the way ......4 fold increase in autos world wide in the next 17 years....huge amount of money to be made for automakers

    • But they still don't make a dime on them, this is like being the tallest midget.

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