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  • cashness52 cashness52 Jan 8, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    what would make the people who hate gm change their minds????????????

    is there anything that gm could do?if not,why not let go of the hate?
    not meant to start attacks or ignorant answers?i just don`t understand the hate of a american company to the point of trashing it full time like some?.i know they did some screwed up things but so has the imports?PLEASE real answers

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    • First, you need to ask yourself the same question about TM. Come back when you figure that out.


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      • The day that Blue #$%$ loses her job detailing trucks for the Tacoma parent company and gets a job washing a real man's truck like the Silverado is the day she will support the General . Its all about the paycheck for her and her girlfriend Scammy Sammy .

      • thats pretty simple,its a foriegn company that practices unfair trade,gm is a american company,tm adds to the trade deficit with every dollar it sucks out of the country to send back japan.years ago i could understand buying imports when the big 3 made vega`s gremlin and whatever the other one gm and ford make better cars than the imports,proof by the millions and millions of recalls,lawsuits,fines,junk falling off on the road and the rest of the nonsense from the imports.
        i also have no love for the uaw they did their share of screwing up american car companies with their greed and over the top demands. but they make better cars than the non union workers,again by the proof of recalls and all the other stuff the imports been blessing the world with?the uaw are also american workers trying to support their families like everyone else in this country and the world.they aren`t perfect and the rest of us including you and me are included in that.

        i know forgiving isn`t very popular on this board

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