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  • jeyebolt2003 jeyebolt2003 Jan 16, 2013 4:10 PM Flag

    Toyota buyers, Let Hope

    lets just hope our 2007-2011 model tundras don't get subject to the same rust recall say in 4-5 years. My 2007 tundra DC had what I would consider severe rust under the frame, in the middle of the tailgate (probably bad sheet metal/paint job on that one) and both corners/edges both sides of DC behind and below the rear doors, along with of course the #$%$ chromed front and rear bumpers and lug nuts all at 26K and 2 years. Warranty covered all repair cost due to rust except the lug nuts. Worst rusted vehicle I ever had in only 2 years of driving since new. I'll be checking my 2010 tundra over with a fine toothed comb come this spring after 2 winters of driving in WI. At least I know where to look now.

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    • The settlement deal negotiated by the Justice Department was full of flaws and conditions that make it a deadly deal for the American public.
      The following are a few examples.
      1) The deal prevented DOT from going forward with a public hearing at which extensive new technical information on crash severity and defect
      failure modes, new accident data and analyzes showing a much higher death toll, a comprehensive analysis of all GM recalls to show unreasonable risk, new internal GM documents on prior knowledge and inexpensive fixes foregone, and new demonstrative physical evidence and computer simulations would have been presented to make an enforcement proceeding far easier. At a public hearing, DOT could have asked GM for the first time about its $23 "probable easy fix" from 1982; what happened to the 1973 safety shield that was used in the only successful 30-mph crash test for the new C/K pickup; and the ability of bladder liners to stop fuel tank ruptures.
      (2) The deal purported to commit GM to spending $51 million on various alternative safety programs to save hundreds of lives. But no documentation showing that these programs had saved hundreds of lives was ever provided. GM did not even have to put up cash but was allowed to put up equivalent facilities, staff and salaries. Moreover, GM was free to spend the money where it wanted. If GM wanted to give public education money to the American Coalition for Traffic Safety, which lobbied to stop the C/K recall, it could do so.
      (3) The deal was the very first defect settlement in which no remedy was offered to owners of the defective vehicle. At best, it could be said
      that some owners were asked to die so that others might live - but no one consulted the potential victims about whether they wanted to die.

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      • With new home construction back on the rise, pickup truck sales are poised to grow in the coming year. And Detroit is ready.

        General Motors is showing its new trucks for the first time at the Detroit show. The Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, which will go on sale this Spring, have mean-looking grilles, restyled interiors and new engines and transmissions that GM promises will be very efficient. The trucks even have steps inset into the rear bumper so people can jump into the bed to get tools or tie down cargo.

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