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  • wngr123 wngr123 Jan 20, 2013 10:33 PM Flag


    "Mexico manipulates their currancy just about as bad as China."
    Really, prove it. What's your source? For that matter, prove it for China. Good luck. Do you know what it means to manipulate currency? I think not. Don't confuse that with the standard of living, two different and separate issues.

    "If Mexico's standard of living was so good then why do most of them want to cross the borders and get into the U.S iLLEGALLY."
    Mexico's standard of living is awful. I never said it wasn't. They are trying to get into the US for higher wages. Even our #$%$ jobs are attractive to them, that's how uncompetitive we really are. You sure really think through this all, you're missing the point.

    "If people want to work at GM for $12 p/h then go for it as you will live in Poverty with a family,as the Wall Street corporation trys to steal more benefits from the employees just for their profits."
    Number one, nobody in GM makes $12 an hour, even Tier II starts at $17. Number 2, corporations will ALWAYS try to maximize profits, it's what they do. Did you think corporations exist to give you a living? Corporations exist to provide products and services to customers at the lowest possible cost and the highest possible value. No other objective in mind, EVER. Don't be confused about that. If you want a job that doesn't believe that, work for the government.

    "By the way how did you like that retirement at 30 years,collecting a additional $30K and still making $100K after leaving Parma,Ohio with all skilled trade experiance GM will be Losing.Bankrupcy for GM in another 5 years as Management is still stupis as a box of rocks."
    I don't work at Parma, and I don't believe that management are the "stupis" ones.

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