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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Jan 25, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    A 70 Olds 442 W30 Convertible for 325K??

    Another Barrett-Jackson S rated horror movie unfolding right before your eyes. A couple years ago, two expertly restored ones sold for a little over a 100K. That boat probably weighs 5000+ lbs and it is fast in a straight line, but trying to turn it or stop it is another matter. More $$$$$$ than brains. What do slip in the water/alcohol down there??

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    • The previous owner lived three blocks from Memphis Elvis and frequently saw the king's limo drive by. He also gave Soupy Sales a drive around the block once and had him sign the glove box lid, so the car did have good solid pedigree....

    • These GM pumper pimps use stories like this to "suggest" that GM cars are inherently valuable.

      The actual reason boomer seniors buy them for so much is in a vain attempt to regain their lost youth. Newsflash Jackson: It ain't happenin'! Buying a 67 Cougar does NOT make you cool again, nor does it make Head Cheerleader Mary Lou Shelton like you again.

      They are just having mid-life crises and feel the need to spend inordinate amounts on a car 'just like' the one they had back in the day. Or, wish they would have had.

      Its a similar story with guitars.


      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • in a few years it will go up in value,now your import junk will be in a drum in the form of rust?

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      • i did own a few imports:

        24 VW Convertibles years 1954 to 71
        3 Ghia Convertibles 71-74
        2 56 Oval Window bugs with sunroof
        1 68 Type 3 Squareback. i chopped the top, louvered the hood, welded in some Chrysler Cordoba headligts and made it into a sedan delivery. The first year of mechanical fuel injection and i got 38 MPG way back then. Going through Montana once, i got 45 MPG. It had a very cool point distributor. The upper points sparked the plugs and the lower (non adjustable points) fired the injectors. German engineering at its best. My wife drove a 67 Squareback when i met her. That one had the 1600 with stock dual carbs and that would only bring 28 MPG. i drove the 68 for at least ten years.

        2 Renault Dauphines....yea they were junk, but what can you buy for under 100 bucks?? One of them i bought twice. i sold it for 75 bucks and a couple years later i needed a cheap car in a hurry, so i bought one at night and the next day, i noticed the same indian blanket in the back seat. i paid 125 bucks for it the second time around.
        1 Renault Caravelle with the removable hardtop and soft top. A very nice rare car, especially in North Dakota, and i paid 600 bucks for it. Brother Brucie painted it a nice silver metallic and i sold it when i went in the Marine Corps in 71 for 700 bucks. That one would be worth some bucks these days.

        Those are the only import junk cars i've owned....

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