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  • the_moolah_mullah the_moolah_mullah Jan 31, 2013 3:17 PM Flag


    Our stock market averages are going up, but it's not that American industry is any more profitable all of a sudden.

    It's that the FED is artificially inflating asset values by printing limitless supplies of money.


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    • Yes they are doing just that. That's what Greenspan did with negative real interest rates giving us asset bubbles in stocks and houses with little booms to go with it. He was praised to the skies by both parties until the wheels came off.

      Financial crashes are worse and take longer to recover from than the business cycle downturns, apparently. Bernanke has done something similar to Greenspan's program after measures like Shovel Ready Jobs proved illusory. Houses have indeed come a long way but I'm reading that, as we might expect, funds are borrowing money very cheaply to buy up houses as a speculation. Without some housing recovery the consumer economy would bounce along the bottom for many years. The strategy can't continue indefinitely, however, maybe not past this year.

      We see that the government has cut back on expenses with the economic glitch one would expect. The deficit has been declining and the debt rate of increase slowed considerably. The Republicans have been advocating cutting expenses all along in the belief the economy would grow faster. Yet they have been working overtime to prevent recovery and have added uncertainty and country risk to the economy.

      The Republican's problem is that they won't tolerate recovery under Obama and seem to want a Depression as well. They are not looking at where government money is really going especially when it goes to their dysfunctional base or plutocratic patrons. The only proposal from them now to save money is to cut US life expectancy by years - to snuff Granny. Their economics are not capitalism and markets which work, but crony capitalism and plutocracy which historically do not work.

      For the good of the country the Republican Party needs to go extinct and be replaced by a real American center/right party. The Whig party elected a couple of Presidents but disappeared just before the Civil War. They couldn't be Confederates and Americans at the same time. Neither can the Republicans. We also need a Constitutional Amendment to reform the Washington Pay-To-Play political financing system - a Founding Flaw. Otherwise any other changes are futile.

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      • Shouldn't your friend Obama stop the Crooks on Wall Street for Taxing the Economy
        NEW YORK (AP) -- Gasoline prices are getting an early start on their annual spring march higher.

        The average U.S. retail price rose 13 cents over the past two weeks to $3.42 per gallon, and within a few days it will likely set a record for this time of year.

        The culprits: Rising crude oil prices, slowing output at refineries that are undergoing maintenance, and high supplies of gasoline.

    • We have Stock Market Cheer Leaders in CNBC and Bloomberg. These people are good at leading the Cheep to slaughter. Never chase the Market always be ahead of it. Bubble Bubbles I learn how the media lead the Cheep to slaughter in the late 90s

      You won't enjoy it very long Energy traders will see to that. The YEN is now at a 3 year low in a matter of 3 months of Japanese manipulation

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