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  • the_moolah_mullah the_moolah_mullah Feb 7, 2013 11:04 PM Flag


    I mock you longs mercilessly. January was supposed to be some big bellwether month, the start of VOLT sales really taking off and redemption at long last for the faithful.

    Pah! January numbers for VOLT were not even HALF what they sold in December. Gonna tell me December's numbers weren't juiced?


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    • You mock us mercilessly? Stock is UP well over 40% in the last six months and you mock us?

      I think we can stand it.

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      • Yes, of course I mock you. I mocked you longs for pumping Old GM. Then I mocked you for pumping MTLQQ. And I mocked you for pumping the IPO.

        I even mocked you as it rose to $38 after the IPO. You see, my mocking your decision to pump GM is not based on or dependent on daily price changes. It does not guarantee the stock will go only one direction and never fluctuate.

        My mocking you is because the govt still owns enough to bury you all, and yet you naively hop in. "If I can't SEE the Great White sharks in this inky black water, then there must not BE any." Just because nobody else wants to talk about 700,000 unsold GM cars sitting on dealer lots right now does not mean they are not there. Just because you'd rather not think about what the govt sale of 500M shares could do to your share price doesn't mean it isn't gonna hurt.


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    • Do not sell the EC 'VOLT' short. The only problem is this car is 15 to 20 years ahead of its time. Two problems with the EC today: 1. Way over priced even with the 10k tax credit. 2. The battery, it does not hold enough charge, 38 miles per charge is not enough.
      To date the Obama administration has thrown $7.5 billion dollars at it and it is still a failure.
      Obama wants to raise the taxes on the rich but gives them this 10k tax credit. They do not need it. Smart would have been to give the poor a 25k tax credit or discount. ECs would have flown out of the show rooms. And Obama would have saved money.
      It just goes to show we elect idiots.

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      • Really?

        So, are you saying that in 15 or 20 years, we will all be buying cars that cost an average household almost their entire year's income, have two kinds of propulsion systems instead of one, carry only 4 small people, shut down while the vehicle is in motion, occasionally burn down a garage, and are heavily subsidized by the government?



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      • My purpose is not to mock the car. My purpose is to point out the difference between GM's grandiose brags of 45,000 sales for 2012, and the actual pathetic truth. My other purpose is to mock and discredit the GM Moron Long Pumper Pimps who push this stock upon the trusting so they can profit from the uninformed.

        The car is pretty cool. I like it.


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      • cobrawolverine Feb 8, 2013 9:34 AM Flag

        Not sure about 15 - 20 years ahead of its time. Can't remember when GM was ahead of anything. If anything, they are late to the hybrid game. 15-20 years from now, this car may not be relevant. Who knows. None of us do.

        Priced right, would have been a great car, but at this price, and the 10K tax credit is a joke, most do not qualify for it, just a political dog and pony show. But they are deep in this car, and trying to recoup as much as possible.

      • "Do not sell the EC 'VOLT' short. The only problem is this car is 15 to 20 years ahead of its time."

        No one knows what technology will dominate personal transportation a half
        generation or more down the road. It might be fuel cells or something that isn't
        on anyone's radar at present. If Obama and his crowd remain in charge,
        personal transportation might be dominated by shoe leather and rikshaws.

        With the public ponying up for a considerable part of a Volt purchase, buyers
        can laugh their way by the gas station. However, it would be just plain silly
        to pay a huge subsidy to the car buying public. We might just as well write
        out a check to ourselves.

    • You guys better not have 12 months like last month. 1140 sales for the whole month of January? 31 days? Are you SERIOUS?!

      How bad does that SUCK? Better shovel a lot more cash on the hood.


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      • OK, they got rid of the Chevy Runs Deep ad campaign...a theme whose idea was on target, but whose execution was horrible.

        Not catchy. Not funny. Not connectable with the average person. Suggested imagery of sinking ships and possibly manure beds.

        But they did the right thing -- they got RID of it! So maybe there is HOPE for this company yet.

        Now let's get rid of that damn big faux gold bowtie. How stupid do they have to be to keep that gaudy big fake gold logo?!

        Small it down and make it chrome or something unique. But fake gold plastic -- PLEASE. Chevy's logo has got all the class of a $10 Rolex. Can I get a 'Like' on this? lol


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    • You really don't have a clue about the car business do you ?

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