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  • thsykes14 thsykes14 Feb 14, 2013 12:08 AM Flag

    Buick and Chevrolet move to the front

    Buick Encore, Buick Verano (especially with 250 horse turbo and 6 speed), Buick Enclave all killing it. LaCrosse already better than es350. All of these are getting extremely good reviews. I like them TONS.

    New 2014 Impala is a HOME RUN! Absolutely awesome. 2014 Sierra is perfect. 2013 Malibu is SO much better looking than its rivals, better standard horsepower and it goes like all heck if you grab the turbo and LTZ package. Sonic! Spark! Spark electric! Cruze and diesel! Right path but still more work to do.

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    • LaCrosse I looked at very carefully. Unfortunately besides its very high price (I wanted a lot of options) it also has some bad issues.

      The rear roofline is 'bump your head' low. It is so low you can't see out very well.
      The wraparound styling on that roofline makes the car more attractive and actually stronger (the steel in effect makes the roof very rigid).

      But to drive the car safely, you MUST buy the BLIS system and the rear end camera. This means you must buy the navigation package. Easier to just get a Hyundai Sonata and save about ten grand. There is no fricking room whatsoever around the driver for doodads storage. It's pretty on the outside but they have not thought it through very well.

      Impala is not selling well at all. It's far from a homerun. January 2013 saw almost 12% fewer Impalas sold than January LAST year even with a NEW MODEL out. That is not a home run. That is breaking your bat, hitting into a double-play, starting a fight, and being thrown out of the game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

      Malibu is only up 8% even with the new design out.

      The Cruze is pretty good looking. I saw pretty many of those on my trip to China.

      Anything based on the Epsilon II platform is pretty useless, imo. There is no backseat legroom in that pig. Trust me, I got into it only with difficulty, and I am pretty agile. So I have no use for the Regal. I wanted to like that car too, since the styling is very good, imo.

      I like the diesel idea and I think GM could do very well with that technology. Their Duramax kicks #$%$.


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      • By the way, the LaCrosse is a total fricking sales loser. I am SO glad I never bought one. They only delivered 3,548 of them in the entire US last month, total. That's HORRIBLE.

        Drop the price on that car a lot and they will sell in spite of their shortcomings just because they look nice.


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      • I think you said it regarding the LaCrosse, mm. Roofline makes the vehicle stronger. And definitely good looking. Not sure that i need the nav though.......

        Am speaking about the 2014 Impala....complete redesign. Think you may be thinking of another model. Didn't know the Malibu stat. Not bad and hope to see better. The other guys have a VERY big head start, but that is not an excuse.

        Epsilon is the Regal platform? If it is, I agree 100 percent. Regal is VERY good looking but not good at all in the backseat. Would like to have seen AWD on the car as well.

        time for bed...............

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