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  • allmysonsarejohns allmysonsarejohns Feb 21, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    Mandatory spending cuts will kill the economy

    Hard to buy a new GM product after taking a 20% pay cut. What a great government, a do nothing partisan bunch of selfish turds that should be made unemployed.

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    • The cut is 2% of the increase in spending for 2013, or less than one half of 1% of the entire budget. The only thing you will notice is the whitehouse trying blame the poor economy on these "draconian" cuts. We need to cut about 1% of the entire budget in order to balance it. Will we? Not will the thought process of allmysonsarejohns.

    • sdmiller4747 Feb 21, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

      Don't take the liberal bait. Budget cut amounts to 2% of projected spending for 2013. The 2013 government deficit will still amount to 1 trillion added to national debt. Washington is spending like there's no tomorrow. Some government employees may be furloughed, but only temporary. Besides, we don't care about no government workers, do we!

    • Most people will notice nothing with these spending cuts. It's all BS.

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      • This is what they did notice..

        The yen has weakened more than any currency since mid- November and trades at about 93 to the dollar. Japan’s Abe, 58, and Obama, 51, meet tomorrow and will seek to bolster their alliance as a bulwark against China’s territorial claims and North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.
        Our workers and our businesses should not be disadvantaged by governments intervening in currencies,” Ford’s Hinrichs, 46, told reporters. “Today, we don’t feel our sales are being impacted or affected by this, but we’re concerned about what the long-term ramifications are.”

      • "Most people will notice nothing with these spending cuts. It's all BS."

        I agree with you on that. $80 billion over a $3.5 trillion annual spend??? LOL, that's a 2% cut. That just shows you how out of touch these clowns are. When we start talking about $1 trillion in cuts, that may bind a little, but $80 billion has the same effect as urinating in the Atlantic Ocean.

        I do wish that the clowns in congress would make the cuts where they make more sense, but that won't happen. That would mean that they would actually have to DO something.

    • GM autos/trucks over priced.

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      • "GM autos/trucks over priced."

        What "GM autos/trucks" are overpriced? What models? Compared to what competitor's models? Seems like a fair question, a question I have repeatedly asked with no reply. It seems like anyone making a statement like that should welcome the opportunity to substantiate his claim, of course, if the claim were a rectal extraction they would run and hide, like you do. You're a fraud.

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