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  • the_moolah_mullah the_moolah_mullah Mar 14, 2013 10:35 PM Flag

    Tesla impressions

    (((I went by a Tesla dealer today and sat in the Model S. Good thing I didn't have my check book with me because I would have written a (rubber) check on the spot. LOL. The car is magnificent even when it's not moving.)))
    (((The wait for a car ranges from 2-6 months, according to the sales associate. So, at least in CA, there are no cars sitting around waiting for buyers.)))

    What a difference from the VOLT, which sits on lots a long time.


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    • Perhaps GM isn't foolish to market the Cadillac ELR at a much higher price than the Volt. I continue to believe the ELR should've come first rather than the Volt. In previous decades (the 50's for example) GM put the newest technology in Cadillac models before giving it to their lower priced brands. I've read also that the interior styling of the ELR represents the future direction of interior styling for GM.

      Personally I view the ELR as a drop dead gorgeous "run around town" car for those who enjoy seeing and being seen in handsome very low volume models. And can afford such (and we all know those folks exist) - Justin Bieber for example with his chrome plated Tesla.

      Frankly speaking, a Volt is virtually in the same price range as my ATS. Personally I do not care for the Volt styling and have no interest in the real world driving limitations of the Volt. The Volt cost/benefit situation doesn't work for me. And the Volt simply is not attractive when compared with the ATS.

      So - just my 2 cents worth.

      btw - the coming S Class Mercedes does include a 4 door convertible based upon the "Ocean Drive" concept a couple years ago. Which IMHO makes a business case for a Cadillac based upon the Ciel concept 4 door convertible. The Ciel is equipped with a twin turbo V6 - which we'll be able to buy in the new CTS this fall.

    • cobrawolverine Mar 15, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

      Been seeing more and more Teslas during my trips up and down the Midwest. Great looking cars. Didn't expect to see them here as much yet. Tough call, but my employees want one as the new 'run' vehicle, so they can take it to run errands. Tempting.

      Not sure Volt should be in discussion. 2 cars built for different purposes. One is practical, one is for marketing.

    • It's a very cool car, but comparing it to the Volt is just foolish.

      It sold 2650 in 2012! They couldn't build more than that, which explains why there are none "sitting around". It's about double the price of the Volt and after you drive a couple hundred miles (under ideal conditions) you can park for hours to recharge. Not real handy for a trip. How many people will spend 80 grand on a car you can't take on a trip?

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