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  • tiglet2l tiglet2l Mar 26, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    GM in next phase of hoped for Buick could be done

    Bring back the 1987 Grand National. In 1987 the GN beat the corvette. It was a rear wheel drive car with a V6 and a turbo. Stop with the geezer cars and build a new GN.

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    • Some more info on the Grand National:
      "After a one-year hiatus, the Grand National returned with a mean all-black exterior and more unique touches. For 1986 came a turbo intercooler that swelled horses by 35 for both T-type and GN. Recalibrated engine electronics gave the 87's ten more hp and phenomenal acceleration. In fact, these Buicks bid fair as the fastest cars in the land and did 0-60 in about 6 seconds. The most special was the 1987 only GNX. It was a $30k end of the line limited edition and only 500 units were built by contractor ASC. They had a higher boost, "smarter" electronics, cleaner porting, even bigger tires and claimed 300 bhp. It turned mid 5 second 0-60 times."....Encyclopedia of American Cars from 1930....Publications International, Ltd....816 pages....

      A customer of mine said he was driving a 440 Plymouth over the West Seattle bridge many years ago and a GN came alongside. They both hit it at the same time and the Buick pulled away easily. He ended up selling the Plymouth and buying the GN and he still had it in his garage. The story was a little hard to believe, but who knows....

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