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  • go4itpartner go4itpartner Mar 26, 2013 7:43 PM Flag

    If I Didn't Read The BMW & CTS Press I Would've Thought It Was An April Fools Joke!

    GM can't build a Cadillac that will run long enough to make the payments on the car. If it should run for four or five years, the car is totally worthless. I can tell you that first hand! I can fill a court room with unhappy Cadillac owners from the last 4 decades. GM shouldn't worry about BMW, they need to learn how to build and long lasting dependable car with any GM badge on it. If they don't do something fast they'll end up in chapter 11 AGAIN!

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    • go4itstupitity,,,,,,,,,the courts arn`t filled with gm lawsuits,try tm and some of them are for people getting killed?

    • Just some more sour grapes. Look, the best vehicles I've owned over the past 50 years GM models from every brand aside from Oldsmobile. My Pontiacs, in particular have provided near flawless reliability. My ATS appears so far without any issue. I realize I'd had it only 3 months - but - it's returned an average 24.9 mpg with the 3.6/6 speed automatic. That's from day #1 average. I don't drive thinking about fuel economy either. EPA 19mpg city, 28mpg highway for an average of 22mpg. And no I've not reset the computer. A good friend immediately bought my Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 2 days after I'd traded it. I intend to upgrade the Michelin Primacy runflats O.E. on my ATS for Michelin Pilot Super Sports. The GXP didn't have a spare or jack. Never had a problem, period, with the Super Sport tires.

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      • no room for a spare in the grand pricks due to all the spare parts (water pump, alternator) you had to keep with you to keep the thing running! thats some funny stuff i am laying down here, enjoy it! anyways, i test drove an audi a4 cpo with 28000 on the odo. the clutch went a mile into the test drive. had to limp the thing back to dealers lot. was not able to park it just get it on the lot. they acted like i fried the thing. cpo my butt! i told the sales guy they missed something very important when it was certified. still actded like i was at fault. i only dumped the clutch once from 6500 rpm...just kidding. anyways after that audi was off my list. my brothers have them, love drivingthem, hate having to repair something everyother month. think i will stick with honda and pocket the diff. tally-ho!

      • Oh I forgot. A young guy who works with me just couldn't live without a BMW. It's a certified previously owned with very low mileage - 3 series 4 door. The right rear window motor died recently and guess what? The motor, alone is just over $500 and it's not covered by the warranty. He told me a couple days ago the cost with labor is $800. So much for BMW reliability.

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