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  • i_trade_stock_naked i_trade_stock_naked Apr 21, 2013 1:13 AM Flag

    Hypocite !!!!!!!!!!!!

    When GM builds assembly plants in China, it called an awesome grow. But when Toyota builds plants in China, it's all about Import quality.

    When GM market share drop, it means GM wanted to be a leaner and cleaner company, for non-GM, it means bad car sale.

    For GM small cars mean fuel efficient, for others mean tuna cans.

    Hypocrite will always be a Hypocrite.

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    • It has nothing to do with hypocrisy moron.

      It has to do with supporting growth in a region - plain and simple. You're too stupid to know otherwise but you still won't be forgiven. Good luck to toyoDUH getting more plants in China - it will be SLOW like your understanding of anything that is basic.

      GM's market share drop is for one reason and one reason only - good competition. And it has taken a long time to beat GM down to the size it is now and there are some good competitors out there. Too bad for you that GM has responded well and will continue to be the #1 seller here in the U.S. and soon again globally.

      As far as small cars and fuel efficiency, you know so little about the auto industry that I won't even waste my time with you on this one...

      Bye bye i_trade_stock_stupid! Have a short life!

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      • good competition? who do you work for the gm marketing department? re-writing history?

        gm had to file because of legacy issues created by years of bad management and greedy labor. the only issue gm's competitors had were with gm hogging the tier one suppliers capacity. everyone knew gm produced #$%$ and it ended up being dumped on fleets, rental car companies, gm employees and obscene consumer lease arrangements.

        you do know the gm way of bee-esss-ing and that means you're not to be trusted.

        time is ticking away and there are too many auto companies in the world. will gm survive with its tax payer funded reorganization? or will old habit and bad reputation keep it down?

        tick, tick, tick...

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