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  • blue_mountain1 blue_mountain1 Apr 29, 2013 3:35 AM Flag

    Toyota at the Top Despite Difficulties in China


    Be American, Buy American, Drive Kentucky Built Camry. More domestic content than any, yes any car built in America.

    Run and hide clown face greenweenie.


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    • After reading a few posts here I can see that all GM supporters also support the UAW. I support GM because they are making great products and are slowly trying to improve the corporate management of the company. Look at the problems in Europe with Opel dealing with the strong unions there. GM should close off excess manufacturing anywhere they wish and not be constrained by socialist unions. I would wonder what the UAW supporters would say about Toyota's made here if they were unionized under the UAW? The UAW would get their cut and then what car would you buy? If you bought a UAW built Toyota you'd be supporting the American worker as well as the union. Would union rhetoric change towards Toyota if the UAW was in there?

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      • Talk about Unions pay. Look what the Japanese will get thanks to them manipulating the YEN.
        Japan's top automakers are set to give tens of thousands of employees an annual bonus bump as a weaker yen helped their bottom line while Tokyo presses firms to hike staff pay to lift the economy.

        Toyota, Japan's biggest car firm, said Wednesday it would accept union demands for a richer bonus with the Camry-maker agreeing to inflate the annual payment by about 10 percent to an average 2.05 million yen ($21,000).

      • jeyebolt2003 Apr 29, 2013 8:27 AM Flag

        You are a troublemaker first you have to love the UAW and buy American made vehicles not imports. Even if the UAW got into Toyota no real American should buy their product. I don't care if someone in Kentucky is unemployed.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • So why was Toyota and the rest of the Japanese Auto manufactures crying about the YEN? After you and the Japanese claimed they made everything here. With another survey Toyota wasn't in the in top 10 most American made..

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