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  • first_corthians_13_1_thru_8 first_corthians_13_1_thru_8 Jun 19, 2013 7:33 AM Flag

    To the volt bashers....

    I asked this question last night and it was like I decided to make it a topic. We are running out of oil believe it or not. There is about 1.6T barrels known and that includes shale (I have read as high as 1.8T)...regardless....just divide 1.6T by 90's like 48 years. BTW, we need not run out completely to have a huge meltdown, we just need supply to start to lag demand. That 90 mbd is on a pretty steep upward trend, so maybe a better number over near 40 years is 100 to 120 mbd.

    So I submit we need to start NOW with turning the technology ship. It will take at least a decade to fully do that. The Volt is a fantastic transitional technology. So those who constant throw rocks and shoot arrows at the pioneers....I am very curious (seriously) what is your solution for your kids and grand kids. I just want to know just how hard you have thought about this. 40 years?!?....probably will not have a huge impact on us, but our kids and beyond? What is your big idea? I want to know...

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    • "The Volt is a fantastic transitional technology". Transition to what? The power to charge a Volt comes from where? This is not transitional technology--it merely changes where the fossil fuel is burned. Re-chargeable batteries is a relatively old technology, and there is a development wall causing car and airplane manufactuerers to push the envelope, at the expense of safety. If there were a battery breakthrough resulting in viable vehicles for the mass market, our grid would not support it, and we will also need breakthroughs in power generation.

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      • Transition from oil to electric...that's what. Oil is not a renewable energy source, nor is it clean, and soon it won't be cheap. We have 4 huge corridors for wind...west coast, east coast, Great Plains, and Great Lakes...we are the Saudi Arabia of wind. The money we just blew in TARP could have made us energy independent. There are ways to generate clean electricity that is renewable...that is not true for oil.

        We can update the grid, we can't "make" new oil field...gone is gone

    • The Volt has the highest customer satisfaction of ANY USA Brand Car.The Key is not the gas motor, nor the electric motor, nor the Volt Batteries, it is the computing between the 3 , the Software that makes Volt a GREAT car.

    • first, You need to do a little indepth study of the negative impact on the environment the VOLT has. It is shocking. As far as oil is concerned, you are correct. We have about 100 year supply. No problem. At the rate humans are reproducing we will use up the oil, the timber, the natural gas, take up all the farm land for residences, pollute all of the earths water supply, crowd out all of the wild life, THEN--the big natural disaster or man made to kill off 95 to 100% of humans and then nature will start all over.
      Don't worry about the oil, the VOLT is not the answer.
      There is a solution. Scientists can make a break through to create oil from water and air-it is possible. If nature can make it, humans can. Next. Gov'ts can mandate total birth control. Maybe 1 family in 50 to have a child. Think about it.
      Humans are on the road to destroy themselves.

    • Pssssst. The Volt is a hybrid (uses gas and electricity) .
      Your argument would be better supported if you chose an electric car.

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      • To be accurate, the volt is a PHEV, not a HEV as you suggest. The point is, as a plug-in, the batteries are significant. Starting with a volt PHEV and ending up with a 200-300 mile range battery is the goal. You get to that goal in steps...not one giant leap. Check out this headline...

        Report: GM still talking about 300-mile EVs with high energy density batteries
        Sebastian Blanco
        Filed under: Emerging Technologies, EV/Plug-in, GM, North America

        Sometimes, you have to go across the border to get the skinny on what's happening in the US. For example, did you know GM might be testing electric cars with batteries that have about three times the energy density of today's EV?

        That's could be the case, since during the recent Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association conference in Canada, The Windsor Star reporter Chris Vander Doelen spoke with J. Gary Smyth, General Motors' executive director of Global Research and Development. Smyth told Vander Doelen, "Today there are prototypes out there with 400 Watt-hours per kilogram."

        We have to assume Smyth was talking about batteries made by Envia, which announced it had developed just such batteries last year (and sent along the nifty cartoon image you see above). GM invested $7 million in the company in 2011 and also made a separate licensing deal to use those advanced packs in its vehicles. While we don't know the details of what kinds of vehicles are being tested with the 400 wh/kg packs in - Smyth would not even mention the brand - but we have previously calculated that that kind of power could mean 300-mile EVs. And earlier estimates put the cost of such a car with Envia's technology at just $20,000, giving more heft to Smyth's statement to Vander Doelen that, "Innovation is exploding right now. The industry is in a period of rapid transformation."

    • My suggestion for you is to get your arms around some better ideas. Please start with "The Ultimate
      Resource II by Julian Simon. Also, recognize that a specialist is a specialist only in his own field.
      If you want to be an energy scientists study energy science. If you want to posture as a geologist,
      study geology.

      As far as your question is concerned, if our country remains on its fascist/socialist path, the kids and
      grand kids have no future and it makes no difference if oil runs out or is in great abundance. That means
      that Detroit Woes are just a preview of things to come.

      When do you think Volt production will stop? BTW, you can pray or have faith until you are blue in the face
      and you won't move so much as a pebble much less a mountain. You want to move mountains, get some
      proper equipment.

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      • Two words for you, Bunky:

        Pompous. Blowhard.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Bunky Bunky I see you have changed the subject not once but twice. If you want a political debate, that's cool...but I probably would agree more than for faith...well I know there is something supernatural in life...doesn't take too many in depth questions to figure out we know jack about the origin of life.

        Back to the subject at hand...I'm not going to read your book suggestion until you answer my question...what is your solution to the most predictable energy crisis ever? Pointing to a book without giving an answer is no answer.

        Make sure you digest this too..300 mile range high power density battery pack coming soon (and it will not weigh 1/3 of the car as Teslas pack does)

    • Great Bible passage at any rate!

      I don't know if we're running out of oil on a global basis or not, but we can all agree, if only for political reasons, that effective alternatives would be great. Reducing our dependence on oil has no downside that I can see. I am frankly a little surprised that development is moving as quickly as it seems to be as I always figured that the oil suppliers would ensure that the price of oil would stay low enough to discourage serious development of alternatives. Since at present there is no energy source cheaper to produce than oil, this is one area where some government involvement is appropriate. A Manhattan-type project for alternate energy would be good!

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      • ((((A Manhattan-type project for alternate energy would be good!))))

        This president does not appear to be capable of providing a national vision of the kind you speak of. Neither did the previous few, to be fair.

        We don't even have a national human spaceflight launch capability anymore...Russia and China and private enterprise (Scaled Composites and maybe SpaceX pretty soon) have it.

        And why IS that? People are out of work while we desperately need repairs and improvements to our infrastructure!
        **Sewers and sewage treatment
        **Clean water
        **Power grid updates
        **High speed national internet
        **Pollution cleanup
        **Disaster recovery (this would include New Orleans, East Coast, and Detroit)
        **Energy research, as you mention

        With unemployment as high as it is, the US certainly NEEDS to create meaningful jobs, not more bulllssshheet jobs like the TSA.


        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Just to be clear I posted that....this new format yahoo uses forces me to pick off a list and the default is a name I do not apologies.

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