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  • john_kimes john_kimes Jul 4, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    Caddy ELR will redefine luxury EV market...sorry Tesla...;)

    Cadillac ELR Tech Targets Engaging Driving Dynamics

    Advanced suspension, steering systems provide smooth ride, precise handling

    DETROIT - June 27, 2013 – Drivers expect hybrid and electric cars to have advanced battery and drive systems that make smart use of energy. Cadillac’s upcoming electrified luxury coupe, the 2014 ELR, is designed to exceed those expectations by also providing engaging, responsive driving dynamics enabled by advanced suspension and steering systems.

    The technologies include front HiPer Strut suspension, rear compound crank with Watt’s link suspension, a premium ZF electric power steering system and ZF-Sachs continuous damping control.

    “ELR’s methodical use of advanced suspension and steering technologies front and rear has resulted in the quiet cabin, agile handling and superior ride that Cadillac customers have come to expect,” said Chris Thomason, ELR vehicle chief engineer. “ELR will redefine for many people what the electric car driving experience is all about. Not only does it make smart use of energy, it makes energy-efficient driving fun and luxurious.”

    ELR’s industry-leading Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) propulsion system delivers 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of instantly available torque. In driver-selectable Sport mode, the reconfigured accelerator pedal provides quicker torque application and more sensitive feedback through altered suspension and steering settings. ELR also offers Tour, Hold and Mountain driving modes.

    With so much torque available, engineers relied on a HiPer Strut front suspension to eliminate torque steer and increase front axle grip while cornering due to optimized tire contact with the road. The HiPer Strut also contributes to ELR’s precise, communicative and linear steering feel, and reduces unwanted steering system disturbances over rough roads and bumps for an overall smoother ride...

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    • cobrawolverine Jul 5, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

      This is not the answer nor will take over Tesla. Plenty of room for both cars in this segment.
      That that want more of a thrill will buy a Tesla, those that want anything else will buy the Caddy.
      For my money, sorry, it's still Tesla. That caddy goes from 0-60 about as slow as a Fiat, or slower. Not my style.
      But I will Caddy kudos, it looks dam nice.

    • I guess we'll find out how many rich guys who want to drive in the car pool lane there are. From what I've
      seen, most of the rich guys don't stick themselves with difficult commutes. Anyway, the upper end of the
      car market is quite small (those GM guys should know that, jeesh!) and nobody can say that it is under
      served. These electric vehicles may appeal to a few technophiles, but most people with money are
      reality and common sense oriented--otherwise they wouldn't have money. It will take some very strong
      arguments to get most of them into electric vehicles. Traditional vehicles are very practical and quite
      well appointed. And gadgets, yeah gadgets. Sure gadgets are fun--when they serve a purpose. Who
      is going to sleep at night wishing for more gadgets?

      Answer that one, gadget specialist.

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      • Bunky,

        Tesla Model S advantages over a fossil pig:

        Simpler maintenance
        Gorgeous looks
        Phenomenal acceleration
        Superb handling
        Battery can be swapped and upgraded in 90 seconds
        Uses no gas (no soldiers are dying to defend our solar panels)
        Slower brake wear due to regenerative braking system
        Simpler transmission
        Roomy as a van
        Tied for quietest car ever tested by CR (If you want to discount their opinion, I don't mind)
        $7500 govt tax credit
        Car pool lane privileges all the time
        Cool factor

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • John,

      Shall I write a letter to Elon and tell him to hold the Tesla design frozen for awhile?

      Maybe that'll give your favorite multi-billion-dollar bailout baby a chance to catch up.


      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to the_moolah_mullah
      • Awe Webby....let me splain sumptum to ya...

        The engineering resources at the bigger auto companies is just staggering compared to Tesla. That is one reason I am a fan of Tesla..they have done well with so little. The 20-80 rule is alive and well in big companies (20% of the folks do 80% of the work). Any small company doing a task as monumental as building a car with new technology to boot better do a lot better than the 20-80 rule. From an engineering and product creation perspective, I personally, have had tremendous success. When asked how we did it with such a tiny group, I tell everyone I simply recruited 20 percenters. Which I did. I also surrounded myself with people smarter than me. Great things can happen. I see Tesla this way to an extent. The problem is scalability. This model doesn't work when you need numbers. The best the big 3 can do is strategic placement of 20 percenters and let them raise the bar around them. I like to think of them as islands of Excellence. Hydramatic had some very good 20 percenters when I was there. I learned from them. I watched them train others to step up. There was a culture of learning and performing. Say what you want about GM, but they have the best transmissions on the planet. It's because of these islands of excellence...Hydramatic has a bigger island.

        The point of the article is about scope of excellence. GM has the resources to focus on the details that a Tesla does not. Just look at the attension going into the suspension alone! This level of technical marvel is duplicated in the powertrain, the interiors, ride and handling, manufacturing and assembly. It's not that GM is "smarter" than Tesla, it's about the incredible resource pool GM has to make a highly refined car. Tesla can make a beautiful car, and they do. But I bet you can put the S-model up against an ELR and after driving them both, an honest evaluation will be that the Caddy feels better, drives better. GM does intangibles better than Tesla.

      • Follow the money. Follow the taxpayers money.

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