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  • coinmaker77 coinmaker77 Aug 18, 2013 4:25 AM Flag

    How can GM take EBT cards as payment? How can people on the EBT program buy a $50,000 dollar GM SUV?


    I watched 4 people today driving different NEW GM SUV's buying nothing but Steaks and lobsters with there EBT cards so they can sell them to the food trucks, How can they be driving NEW GM SUV's' you would think that the DMV and EBT card system would stop that, You would think that if all the people purchased was cases of steaks and lobsters or TIDE soap that they sell at the flea market the system would flag there cards and take them away , because they really don't need them. You don't mind helping the people who really need it, but the fraud now in the EBT program is totally out of control, You call and try and report it all you get is a answering machine and no one every calls you back. I have called everyone in Congress and I have to say that both parties don't want to fix the problem. It is easy to fix. Just take away the cards that people are buying things to turn into CASH, THEY don't need the EBT program. YOU have all the DATA on what each card purchased, FIX the EBT programs NOW.

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