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  • cheblammo cheblammo Aug 18, 2013 11:36 AM Flag

    GM Headed Higher!

    Excellent article on GM this morning. Google "upcoming catalysts suggest gm goes higher". The author makes an interesting comparison between Ford and GM and addresses, among other things, the effect of government stock sales.

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    • Of course it will go higher. Minimum wage is going up 24%, this makes the price of everything go up, even stocks.
      What gets me is the idiot politicians and unions want to raise MW so people will have more money to spend. Gov't raising MW is terrible. It does 2 main things: 1. it increases the cost of all goods and services. 2. This is the worst, raising MW creates more poor people.
      The idiot, politicians and unions that want to give people more money to spend should push hard to raise the MW to $1,000/hr. Just think how much money you would have to spend. Gov't would print money starting with the $100 bill, no more little stuff.
      Our idiot political leaders and our idiot union leaders.

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      • Long, do you get good results making your investment decisions based on your economic
        theories? According to your post, a higher minimum wage will produce higher house prices,
        equities and so on. If we get real leveraged, we can really cash in on this, right? We could
        get a nice place down in Jamaica and live high on the hog. What do you think?

    • Do you snap on the right or left side door handles?


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      • Much higher, GM should be almost has hign as Toyota in Market Cap. Toyota being more than 4 times higher is Crazy.
        General Motors (GM) recently garnered headlines after investor Warren Buffett's recent 13F filing showed that he purchased 15 million shares of GM during Q2 2013. At the end of the quarter, he owned 40 million shares. This increase of 60% sparked my interest in the company. Also, Harris Associates bought 51.9 million shares in Q2. After researching the company, GM shares are undervalued when compared to their main rival, Ford (F). Also, there are upcoming catalysts for the company that should result in revaluation - new models gaining recognition, sales improvements based on vast improvements in quality, an improving European economy, and an end to the US Treasury, UAW, and Canadian government liquidation of their stake in the company. In particular, I think the conclusion of the treasury sales of GM stock is an under-appreciated catalyst given the performance of companies in similar situations in the past.

    • GM has been underwater for almost 3 years. Pays no dividend and still owned by our taxpayeras.

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