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  • ddeboy Sep 17, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    not a chance gm- good luck

    Not just GM is studying Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s playbook. Just about every major carmaker on the planet is working on a Tesla alternative. Just a few days ago, Volkswagen (VOW:GR) said it intends to become the largest seller of electric vehicles by 2018. BMW (BMW:GR), too, is nosing into the race with the i3, its first electric vehicle.

    For now, at least, Musk’s machine has nothing but a straight and empty road in front of it, and that’s part of the reason why its market value is a stratospheric $20 billion. Investors are buying the company’s potential—and future revenues—instead of its near-term earnings. But the overall electric-car market in the U.S. remains tiny at this point: less than 4 percent of the 11 million or so vehicles sold so far this year.
    STORY: Tesla Popularity Contest: Model S Mania in Washington State

    That relative sliver of the U.S. auto market, along with the inevitable arrival of increasingly appealing alternatives to the Model S, are a big part of why Tesla remains one of the companies most heavily bet against by skeptical investors. The most recent count shows roughly 27 percent of Tesla shares are on loan to short sellers.

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    • We wouldn't compare a Cruze to a BMW [5,6]?? in general or consider them competitors. There is no reason to consider, say, a Leaf in comparison to a Model S.

    • Welfare Motors is inherently handicapped by its arrogance and sloth. The only way it can succeed is by political insider connections and blatant lobbying to cheat things in its favor.

    • You are right in the sense that Tesla will be chased...then passed....and left on the side of the road dead. These companies that are "chasing" Tesla have deep pockets, engineering resources out their ears, and 100+ years of know how. Tesla hasn't been taken seriously, a mistake maybe, but one that can be corrected much faster than Tesla could ever keep up with. The open question is, will they focus on a competitive EV. GM is working on a new Tesla? Once Tesla shows that this market segment is profitable, they will see a flood of well engineered competition that they simply won't have the resources and infrastructure to compete with.

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      • I don't necessarily disagree with you, or Supor and Wngr for that matter, but I am not so sure that Tesla won't succeed. The problem is, I can't see them fulfilling the incredible expectations that seem to be built into the share price. The Model S is a terrific car for what it is, but it is a niche car for wealthy people to have as a city car. I just can't imagine any great mass of people buying a car for $80k+ that can't practically be taken on a trip.

        Nevertheless, I think they've done a masterful job of building brand equity which will really help when they bring out a more mass market car. I think GM would have been much better served by putting the Volt technology in a Cadillac first, and then moving down market as costs came down and batteries improved.

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      • cobrawolverine Sep 17, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

        ' Once Tesla shows that this market segment is profitable, they will see a flood of well engineered competition that they simply won't have the resources and infrastructure to compete with'

        That's a ridiculous statement....please explain how this will come about. Tesla is not going away because GM or other companies will build it cheaper. Did Lamborghini go away because GM built a fast ZR1?.

      • ddeboy Sep 17, 2013 4:08 PM Flag

        When it comes to an EV GM doesn't know jack!

      • "GM is working on a new Tesla? "

        no marvin, telsa is waiting for the professionals to develop new batteries. you know, ge, jci, sm, etc.

        after all, gm is the last place i would go to for chemical engineering... hmmm, could it be that gm has outsourced the developement?!?!? maybe abb?

        how can it be that a company that has totally missed the market in the last 10 years (will dealing with bankrupcy and gov bailout) be on the cutting edge of battery development?

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