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  • qqq4422 qqq4422 Sep 18, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    Chevy Volt

    making the same car now for 4 years. 2010 2011 2012 2013 so the 2014 I hear will be the same car that will go a whole 37 miles before it runs out of juice. Edsel sold better and Ford was smart enough to cut their loses. GM only loses $50,000 on every sale. BoBo motors at their finest hour! How many caddy volts will they sell? How much loss on each one?

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    • Triple Q has to be the 3rd biggest IDIOT on this board . What is it you don't understand about manufacturers not wanting but being forced by our Government to build Electric Cars ? For what I hope is the last time GM + other manufacturers are not building Electric cars for profit . They must build them in order to be allowed to sell other non electric vehicles . Look it up, IDIOT !

    • This is a disgruntled conservative who still believes that ALL the car companies should have gone under to uphold some conservative purity. Plus GM does not lose $50,000 with each vehicle. Fox news reporting again?

    • And 80 percent of Americans commute 20 miles...what is your point? If you happen to drive beyond 40 miles, you can do so indefinitely at 35+ mpg....and it's not a 50K loss...and it's not a Bobo car, it's a bush admin era many things can you get wrong in a single paragraph...amazing. I noticed you didn't follow up on the EV1 debate once you got your hind end handed to you. Most Volt owners are getting huge miles in between the you uninformed at best and moronic at worse...or evily deceptive.

    • How many caddy volts will they sell? IS gm making these things too? I guess you do stupid things like that when it's the taxpayers nickel.

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