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  • kal_alot kal_alot Oct 3, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

    Volt catches fire almost kill famly

    And now this story from Barkhamsted Connecticut where a Chevy Volt is being blamed for burning down a families garage as the electric hybrid vehicle was being charged overnight in the couples garage. Lets face it the massive amount of electricity that must be used to recharge these vehicles is probably hell on old houses with old-fashioned wiring. In this case only a well placed firewall saved the family from losing their home as well as the garage. This will likely not be the only time something like this happens as more and more folks move to buy electric vehicles in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint.

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    • Very much right if you have an old house I would be very worried about what the wiring looks like in the walls. I would probably just have a new wire run for the charging station. You never know what some idiot hide in the wall after a reno or simply fixing a problem. Watch any home remodeling show were they remodel a 50 or so year old home, almost always a wiring problem. My favorite is when they leave the old wiring but replace the ends to look like new wiring.

    • This incident dates back to early 2011 near the beginning of the Volt launch when consumers were no quite aware of home wiring requirements for the charging system.

      Yes, the home wiring system (and any extension cord used) must be inspected.

      I, myself, experienced heat damage caused by a faulty extension cord that inactivated the Volt's charging system. I had to replace my extension cord with a lower gauge set and with better fit to the plug/charging system junction. Owner responsibility.

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