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  • gregg81459 gregg81459 Oct 26, 2013 12:17 AM Flag

    The SAP is still a blowhard

    So the SAP has been bashing the new truck,which by most reviews(from even japan Inc pumping CR)is far and away the best truck on the road.The SAP claims they don't sell. Now for the facts which are somewhat different from the SAP(who has a Congressman that believes in dinosaur farts) From the WSJ-“We’ve been slowed down for several weeks because we can’t get enough axles,” noted Rich LeTourneau, shop chairman for UAW Local 2209, which represents most of the plant’s 3,800 workers. Fortunately for all, the holdups at the axle plant are due to capacity bottlenecks — while it’s still a problem, it’s a preferable problem to have over, say, quality control issues.Although dealers are well stocked with the higher-end pricier models, it’s the regular cab and double cab models — the ones suffering delays — that are largely in demand. The two cab styles are expected to account for about 40 percent of GM’s pickup volume. However, it’s not just the cab issue that is holding things up — the demand for GM’s 5.3 liter V8 has been far more than anticipated, over the 4.3 liter V6, and putting further strain on the larger axles used in those models. ”We are still getting our mix in line,” Chevrolet sales chief Don Johnson said back on October 1. “We have got good inventory in crew cabs, but we are still building double-cab and regular-cab inventory.” So the SAP leaves out the part that the most in demand trucks ,which account for 40% of sales are having a supply problem which is about to be corrected.just like his Congressman the SAP lives in a golden fantasy land with G Gordon twisting something to suit his Japan Inc pumping needs.You haven't changed -still a SAP

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    • jeyehawky,

      Read or listen to most any review where more than one truck is discussed, and you will see that the Silverado is second or third to the competition in multiple categories.

      I've seen ONE where it's not....and that was set up completely by GM.

      Read or listen to a review where only the Chevy is discussed. and they seem to get high praise.

      Gee, I know GM would never provide remuneration for good reviews, now would they? LOL


    • (((So the SAP has been bashing the new truck,which by most reviews(from even japan Inc pumping CR)is far and away the best truck on the road.)))

      Wrong. Most reviews who compare it to other mfrs give it lukewarm praise. They like the interior of the Dodge Ram the best.


    • (((So the SAP has been bashing the new truck,which by most reviews(from even japan Inc pumping CR)is far and away the best truck on the road.)))

      Sorry, jeyehawky,

      Too bad GM still has so many of its old trucks still on the lots.

      I remember how you poodle pumpers all said they were just being very smart, to build all those old models -- that way, they would have enough supply while the lines changed over.

      Nice call, morons. Now you've got 23,000 old hangar queens choking up your lots, that nobody wants.

      Hard to make room for the new uglier Silverados when you've got tens of thousands of last year's news still dying on the vine.


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      • real_dyck_head,

        23,000 2013 trucks still on the lots?

        Oh - what a tragedy. How will GM and the dealer body EVER recover? This is just AWFUL! I can't believe it!

        Gawd you're stupid...

        Sentiment: Buy

      • The first issue that popped up, according to a report by Bloomberg, was that General Motors was having inventory constraints on its most popular engine option, the 5.3-liter V-8. General Motors since refuted that there being a problem and claimed it was able to fulfill 80% of dealer orders. Now a second issue has definitely popped up.

        Another constraint, this time axles, has put a speed bump in General Motors' production of its 2014 full-sized pickups. It should be noted that this isn't a quality issue; rather, it's a production capacity issue with a supplier. The axle issue is affecting different models, and that's what's leading to a problem.

        The pricier crew cab was the first of the 2014 Silverado pickups to roll out, and many dealers are waiting on more stock of the regular and double-cab models, which have been slowed by the axle supply constraint. General Motors expects the regular and double cabs to account for about 40% of pickup volume, and if dealers can't get the stock needed, it could slow down sales of GM's most profitable and popular vehicle.

      • is down 21.4% over the last 365 days. Has to rip you a new one when Jeye is right-lol

    • Greg G,

      Is that you, jeyehawky?

      Why don't you use your real name? Are you upset at jeyedolt being your daddy?


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