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  • bunkferd bunkferd Nov 13, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    What's funny!

    The liberals poked such fun at Dubya. He wasn't a skilled public speaker and he didn't have
    the approved point of view in many cases. Dubya wasn't smart like the smart guys; those who
    propose to run everyone's life. Now we have the ObamaCare program put into play by the
    smart guys. The screwed up web site is about 10% of ObamaCare's problems. The web site
    is a hilarious mess. If we can spend a couple hundred million on the Fuhrer in Chief's two
    week vacation, we are surely passed worrying about blowing $600M on a web site that doesn't

    Last night on Bret Baier's panel, Kirsten Powers, the token liberal, was whining that her health
    insurance premium doubled and she didn't really need mental health coverage. She probably
    doesn't need substance abuse coverage either. There is a story in today's LA Times about a
    liberal whose insurance premium went up 88% for coverage that is inferior to the catastrophic
    policy that she was covering.

    Laughing is good for you. Very therapeutic. That's how Obama Care is helping me.

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    • bunker save your tea party BS-neither medicare or SS started smoothly and I suspect by the time of the midterms there will be 15-20 million people enrolled.Do you really think a majority of the American people are stupid?They know wages have been stagnant for years,they know their jobs got shipped to China,they know we bungled for years a war in Afghanistan,they know tax laws passed a decade ago are very tilted towards the upper end,and they know medicine has went from 5.4% of GNP to 19% today. And a majority knows where the responsibility for this mostly lies. The GOP had a golden opportunity here to get back in the game by offering something constructive to the majority of the American people. but once again ,because of a minority within their own party they have dropped the ball. Even in Kansas,(where red state credentials are beyond reproach) Brownback is in serious political trouble because his policies are leading Kansas on the same path W put the country on-serious debt. Bunky I would like to be setting with you next year when the election results come in and the last remaining stronghold of the GOP goes blue-Texas.That will finally signal the end of this idiotic economic policy that this country has been saddled with for 30 years and we can finally get down to the task of fixing this country

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    • cobrawolverine Nov 13, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

      When I had to make sure a job was done correctly for the government, I made sure that we got the BEST firm to do the job right, the FIRST time. Government has the power to make sure you hire the right firm for very important jobs, not just the cheapest bidder. Be assured that since this was not done, plenty of people to blame, and plenty people got fired already, and more to come. The ultimate blame...who knows. Maybe Obama himself. Sure as sh$t, if it were my name on this program, I would have ordered someone to hire the right firm, screw the cost.

      Breakdown in communication just scrapes the surface of this failed administration.

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      • " Government has the power to make sure you hire the right firm for very important jobs, not just the cheapest bidder"

        I'm reading that there are 1800 pages of government procurement regulations put in place
        to ensure that the "right" companies get contracts. Such regulations guard against waste,
        fraud and abuse, the latest hiring practices, environmental compliance and I don't know what
        all to fill up 1800 pages. Anyway, not everyone is up to speed on navigating the procurement
        process and have the connections with the right people in the government.

        Sebullious told them to put the A team on the project and go 150% til things were working
        correctly. Heck! What more do you have to do?

    • The difference is the Obamacare website will be fixed and resolved....Dubya's stupidity is permanent!

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      • "The difference is the Obamacare website will be fixed and resolved....Dubya's stupidity is permanent!"

        The plain truth is that the government is extremely fortunate that the web site is a failure.
        Otherwise, they would have to come to grips with the fact that the plan itself is rotten to
        the core. Young people working 29 hours per week are incapable of funding open heart
        surgery for older people. And, young people up to their eyebrows in student debt aren't
        going to give priority to the health requirements of older people and put aside starting a
        family, buying a house and so on.

        You are in no position to proctor IQ tests for others.

      • "The difference is the Obamacare website will be fixed and resolved"

        Wow - you DO realize that the #$%$ website is just the front of a #$%$ program, right? obumble's legacy will be the ACA FAILURE...

        Count on it.

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      • cobrawolverine Nov 13, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

        'The difference is the Obamacare website will be fixed and resolved'

        Should have never failed.....common sense in this administration is MIA.

    • Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: 44% Approve of Obama's Job Performance
      54% Believe Federal Government Encourages Illegal Immigration.
      Now today Oil speculators are stealing some from the economy after all Thanksgiving is only 15 days away time for some easy money.

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