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  • jeyebolt2003 jeyebolt2003 Dec 5, 2013 9:23 AM Flag

    MAllen words of Wisdom

    These are his words I did nothing to them.
    The VOLT and the IPO are the two new scams to come from GM.

    The parallels between the VOLT and the IPO are uncanny.

    They both have more hype associated with them than there is substance.

    VOLT has a range of 40 miles. IPO may not make it as far.

    They both need a life support. GM needs more money, VOLT needs an
    extension cord.

    Both will be rejected by the common sense that still prevails in the
    common man.

    IPO will have a fanfare hen it is offered. So will VOLT.

    VOLT will be bought by those who couldn't tell a car from a bus.
    IPO will be bought by those who can't tell a bus from a car.

    Neither will be worth more than they were the day they were

    IPO will do a good job screwing Americans who missed out on the first
    screwing..VOLT will take care of those who missed out on the EV-1

    VOLT will be something that will be hard to get rid of. So will GM

    You will never make a dime or save a dime driving the VOLT.
    You CAN make a ton of money with New GM shares if you short it.

    I think there may be a pun in there for VOLT with the word "shock"!

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    • the used car salesman is always good for a laugh. I think I will send the sap a bottle of Boones when it hits 40 so he can celebrate. I will find a book on the fall of the Ottoman Empire for the used car salesman-kind of a peace offering

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "These are his words I did nothing to them.
      The VOLT and the IPO are the two new scams to come from GM.
      The parallels between the VOLT and the IPO are uncanny...."

      It may very well turn out that there is more wisdom in the post than is presently apparent.
      Volt is dead car driving, really. Chevrolet more than likely isn't coming close to breaking even
      on Volt costs--disregarding development costs. I can't claim a knowledge of car production,
      but how many manufacturers would keep a line going with Volt type sales and very little
      promise of improvement?

      And, as for GM, of course it looks like clear skies ahead. Not a cloud in sight if you're stuck in
      a stupor. Lots of successful models, customers breaking down the doors, good reviews at
      Consumer Reports--what could go wrong? How many of you people who are praising the
      future of the new GM were also talking up real estate in '06 and '07? Just honestly answer
      that one. And, what was hollering his head off about GM common during the summer of '07?
      Who was that masked man, er, ah, I mean who was that mad man. I doubt that he made
      much on that trade.

      • 1 Reply to bunkferd
      • Ok, Bunky. (or should it be "Bunker"?)

        Not a cloud in sight? We all know that GM isn't perfect, and you know darn well that many longs have raised issues/questions regarding the New GM. Among the decent pro-GM posters on this board, I'm not aware of a single person who blindly pumps GM without refusing to acknowledge/discuss the challenges. In my estimation, these are intelligent, knowledgeable and ethical folks.

        To be bullish on a stock following reasonable due diligence is not "pumping"---you know better and can do better! I hate to come to the conclusion that you're of the same caliber character as a MAllen but, frankly, it's getting hard to avoid that conclusion based on some of your careless mis-characterizations of others.

        Between you and me, we've had plenty of broad ranging exchanges on everything from GM to macro points.

        So, I propose we do this---a simple, unambiguous, friendly, FUN, and no-cash-involved wager: GM will run to $100 vs $30 (or, you select in the downside target) by the 2016-2017 time-frame.

        This period allows reasonable time for the market to truly capture of all the important factors that determine proper price (company, industry, macro-economic specific, etc. factors), and which have been covered on this mb.

        I've offered Webby something like this---he was quick to decline, mumbling something unintelligible about things "having to be on his terms."

        What do you say---do you have the conviction of your beliefs?

    • Jeye:
      Here's some more from the misinformed (and lying) MAllen:

      {{ I say VOLT does not have a full model year run in 2012. It gets cancelled before the year's end.}}
      October 6, 2011.

    • volt is a failure. gm up 3.71 since IPO. His words speak truth.

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