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  • scarbrobill scarbrobill Feb 18, 2014 8:30 AM Flag

    Union dues?

    How much does it cost a person per week or month in UAW union dues?

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    • 2 hours of pay per month are taken from the first month's paycheck.


    • Continued: What kind of a retirement plan does the UAW offer or provide? Years to work to be eligible and monthly benefits. How about medical? Dental? Optical?

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      • Retirement: Previously, starting when pensions were much more commonplace in the US, you could receive a pension. Early retirement was 30 years and out. I cannot tell you how much monthly checks are because there are variables involved. Someone I know who retired after 36 years receives about $2,200 a month/$26,400 a year (retired about 10 years ago, worked lots of overtime as shipping clerk). Healthcare was also pretty good. Pension was reduced by the amount of Social Security you receive when you become elligible, so your income does not go up when you start on SS, it stays flat.

        Retirement today: There is still a pension for the people who hired in before the 2007 contract. Healthcare though is different than it was. The insurance company that handled UAW retiree healthcare for decades decided to increase rates substantially (unreasonably) about 8 years ago. The UAW tried to work with the company for a more reasonable increase and the insurance company would not budge, so the UAW went with another company. Coverages are not comparable to what was available before and out of pocket expenses are much higher. Coverage is greatly reduced.

        Retirement for Second Tier: A lot of people should be happy with this (public dissention about pensions). There is no pension for them. They do get a 401K with a matching percentage. I am not sure what it is. If I had to guess I would say around 12%. I do not know what their retirement healthcare is like. I will see what I can find out. Their current healthcare is also reduced from what it had been for workers. As many people in the public who chided "Cadillac heathlcare" for the UAW, they should be happy with this now.

        I don't know what Dental or Optical is like for any retirees yet either. I have about 9 years before I could retire from Ford and things can change so much between now and then so I do not keep up on these specifics as much as I do others that pertain more closely to present circumstances.


    • Two hrs pay a month, is what I believe has been stated a few times on here before.


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