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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Feb 21, 2014 11:14 AM Flag

    A 57 Chev Convert and a knucklehead....

    Years ago, i bought a harbor blue 57 Chev Convert from my bost, T-Bird Frank. It was a roller and had a decent body, but no engine or trans. i already owned a NICE white 57 Ford Convertible that was parked in the garage, so i put the Chev in the paper to sell. A guy showed up the first day about 8 P:M to take a look at it. After about 15 minutes, i knew was a talker/looker. He had been drinking and asked me if i wanted a beer. Of course i replied in the positive, so he went out to his car and brought in what was left of a 12 pack.
    My house is full of old religious prints. Almost all of them are ones i've never seen before. One is a 48x22" Zabateri print of the Last Supper in a nice old frame that i paid 65 bucks for. That Zabateri work is AMAZING and judas holding a small bag of coins. Very Cool. The overflow of prints/pictures went into the garage also.
    The looker noticed a Beautiful print of Mary, the Blessed Mother of JESUS, and he replied "i wouldn't xxxx on the best part of her". Earlier, he said that he wanted to start a church. Since 99.999% of religions/churches were started by KNUCKLEHEADS, that was par for the course. A little later he asked me why i didn't get mad about that statement about Mary. i asked him what he would do if i said that about his Mother? He replied something to the affect that "a few fists would be flying. i replied that he shouldn't expect such a warm response from JESUS....

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