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  • bobby_mcgee_janis bobby_mcgee_janis Feb 21, 2014 3:17 PM Flag

    VW workers made it very clear why they voted against the UAW - the UAW puts companies out of business

    How clear and honest can they be. Look at what happened. The UAW puts GM car lines out of business, company goes BK, and the UAW gets a free share of what's left thanks to a President who thinks he has a right to give the company away as he see's fit.

    Why would anyone support an anti-free market group?

    The FEDs money printing is doing the same to private lenders, putting them out of business. No person can afford to lend moneys at low rates to dead beats. It's financial suicide, the Fed can burden the taxpayer and not think twice about the damage. It's called inflation.

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    • Yes they do. In 2004 the UAW was the reason the company I worked for in Michigan closed and all the union people let it happen. Now 14 years later most of the former workers are struggling to make half as much money. F---in unions. If you are a lazy pos then you need a union.

    • collective bargaining is free its purest. this, however, does not presume that collective bargaining will produce the best outcome all the time. when a union does not align its interests with the greater health of its parent AND its employees, the outcome will be the outcome. unions are adopting bonus plans and profit sharing in place of job security and hourly wages. this is very good for workers and the entire economy.

      if you would like to pursue an ANTI free market agenda, perhaps you ought to ask the central banks of virtually all countries with which the united states holds a trade imbalance, "why do you intervene in the market place, on a daily basis, to weaken your currency against the dollar?"

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      • not if the union is acting as a monopoly, it's no different than a company that sells labor and if the UAW is the only union in town then it's effectively a labor monopoly. The company will atrophy as the tick of unionization slowly bullies its way into draining the quality and economic strength out of the company and renders it uncompetitive on the international stage.

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      • {{collective bargaining is free its purest.}}

        Excuse me??? Collective bargaining is the antithesis of a free market. If the labor market were allowed to operate on its own without outside intervention, like unions, everyone would be paid commensurate with their own skills and worth to the company in pure competition with others who possessed the same skills. Not based on the threat of with holding their labor.

    • The UAW members should be hunted for sport....

    • "The UAW puts GM car lines out of business, "

      Yet, Ford had the same UAW and didn't go bankrupt. Could the difference actually be management?

    • You seem to have forgotten the times that led up to the fall of GM. It was not the unions. It was management decisions. GM was the nations leader in auto production and wanted to compete with Toyota as the worlds leader. They even had a porom that led to smashing of Toyotas on TV. That's not building up. That's tearing down. They touted their world-wide parts program. And that was their downfall. Instead of relying on quality American parts they relied on cheap world-wide parts. And by the early 1990's, they started advertising, quality is job #1. Which they failed to carry through on. So that by the late 1990s they lost more to the competition. There's nothing worse than having to go back to the dealer 6-times in 2-months. And every time seeing all the new cars in front of you with disgruntled faces who are in the same boat. And it's all the little and big things that added up. I'll give you a list of problems if you want. Hopefully now they have more control over product. What they need now is a quality small car to build brand loyalty among 1st time buyers that will swear by the brand for the next 60-years. Even the poor know they have to spend extra now to save in the long run. They depend on resale value 5-10 years from now to help make the next purchase. Or to pass it on to family. People know a good brand by word of mouth. Not by excessive ads that show no one is buying their product. (another cost to a poorly run company). Whenever I'm interested in a car, i always ask the 5-10 year owner in the parking lot how he likes his car. When the answer comes back,.... I spent half the cost of the car repairing it, ..... I'm not interested anymore. It's not hard to figure which cars are made from quality American made parts. And which are assembled on the cheap from cheap parts from around the world from dissimilar metals that rust. Like the rusty nut on a bolt. Because some bean counter over ruled an engineer for share holder value.

    • Very true except for the GM BK part, it was sort of a BK, the company was reman-aged without really going BK. Obama called it a needed reorganization.

      What a F'n joke that guy turned out to be. He speak and we should listen seems to be his pathological delivery. A Fascist to the bone.

    • A thumbs down with no supporting argument. You must be a Lib.

      The Tennessee auto workers made that statement! Flat out and true. What argument do you have against the facts?

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