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  • brad_merriwether brad_merriwether Apr 2, 2014 6:49 AM Flag

    Mary's Answers Rather Lame

    Her repetition of must finish investigation got old really fast. They already did an investigation for the DOT and they know who should be fired.

    Did she take the company jet to the hearings?

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    • (((Did she take the company jet to the hearings?)))

      A charter jet makes financial sense. That was one thing GM should NOT have been criticized for last time. GM was raked over coals for using a private charter jet. That was a stupid issue. A charter jet is probably the most cost-effective way for them to get the leaders there quickly and comfortably with their huge posse of lawyers, staffers and gophers.

      $25,000 is cheap to move all those people.

      To watch them have to caravan just to humor Congress was ludicrous. People who operate a one hundred billion dollar corporation can't be standing around and flying coach. You can't hold a confidential discussion on a public carrier.


    • Did she take the company jet to the hearings?
      Are you kidding? gm has 10 billion taxpayer dollars in petty cash to cover such as this.

    • Her time is way too valuable to waste diddling around with commercial airline schedules. Besides, these Congressional Hearings are nothing more than a sideshow for worthless elected officials to attempt to make a name for themselves. I believe she had no knowledge, exactly as she has said until the end of January this year. She's taking a very professional approach to the situation by hiring reputable legal professionals to handle to internal inquiry.

      It's noteworthy the speed with which GM reacted to the sudden fire in a brand new GMC SUV and immediately isolated the problem and directed a recall for the inspections and necessary repair.

      Now. Let me point out a few issues from personal observation. None of you can even imagine the stuff owners carry around on their auto key rings. And it is the very same owners who total neglect any routine service driving around talking/texting while speeding in a vehicle with various under inflated nearly bald tires. And broken headlights. And a least one compact spare on the ground. With such flilth on and in the vehicle to make a person vomit. Inside glass yellowed from cigarette smoke.

      Usually this is seen on older vehicles, mostly basically inexpensive "beater" type junk. And then the rest of us fuss about OUR vehicle insurance rates. In my local West Area area, it is estimated at least 25% of the vehicles on the road are uninsured, against Texas law.

      I could go on and on. Texas doesn't help this situation by requiring ONLY one months insurance to register a vehicle. And one locally owned insurance company is making a killing on this "market" segment.


    • Gm provided documents, not an investigation, except for a preliminary investigation which is not all encompassing. Barra brought an outsider in to do the thorough investigation. Barra will run her show to learn what happened while someone else was CEO.

      People who work at a big auto company know how these things are done (engineering, proving, approval, etc.) and know what to look for and what to consider. Politicians don't know about these things because it is a process that is completely foreign to a person who's job it is to convince people of something rather than knowing how to design, prove, and approve an automotive component.


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