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  • Apr 2, 2014 11:05 AM Flag

    Defending of GM is crazy because the more she talks.....

    the more apparent is that there is a criminal cover up going on here. That could make the bankruptcy a moot point regarding liability.

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    • Wow, folks, talk about the unalloyed trash shilling for GM Management! This resentfully uneducated bozo is looking for a barroom fight. Isn't it time that he hop in his 13-year old rusted Silverado, roar down the road to the nearest taproom and guzzle a pitcher of the cheapest beer and pick a fight...a fight against anyone at the bar who can read and write? Gotta laugh...funfun..

    • Her performance in front of the subcommittee was absolutely horrible. The congress people seemed to know more about the company that she did. Wasn't she prepped? And her appearance...shameful. How does GM justify paying her $778K/year? I'm a bit disgusted.

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    • 1000% correct

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      • For almost 10 years on this board I have uttered the words "GM Culture" and assigned almost ALL that is wrong with GM to that mentality that can only be defined by those two words. Some understood what I meant by those words, some thought perhaps it was too vague.

        Today and yesterday you get to hear first hand from the CEO of GM what those words meant.
        The corrupt "GM Culture" has been there all those years. As difficult as it maybe to define what exactly is meant by those words, you are finally getting to see and hear just how corrupt that GM CULTURE was and it still is!

        Hidden in her answers is the clear and continued demonstration of that culture. Until such time someone fresh and new from a totally different background arrives, those who have been subjected to that culture will never be able escape it and run this company in the correct direction. That is ALL they know, that is the only way they can function.

        She is above her head. She made the news for becoming the "first female CEO of GM". I would have much preferred she made the headlines because she was the MOST QUALIFIED person to run CEO.

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