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  • mallen1998 mallen1998 Apr 2, 2014 12:08 PM Flag

    Barbara Boxer


    God help me for agreeing with someone I normally despise.
    However Boxer put her finger on exactly what is wrong with NEW GM, and the NEW LEADERSHIP.
    She sees no difference in The New Leadership. Because there isn't any.

    To drag Delphi into this and assign some of the blame on a now defunct, once a subsidiary vendor as if it is their fault is pretty low.
    If you are in need of some small part that is proven to be defective for over 10 years and you have a majority stake in that company that supplies you that part, to sit there and accept the sub-spec part and install them on the cars you manufacture for years and THEN claim it is Delphi's fault is pretty low. However it is perfectly in line with what GM does. It is always someone else's problem and someone else's fault.

    I sell you a bad part, you refuse it and get yourself another supplier or start making them yourself.

    If I am getting paid to paint your house and the paint flakes off no sooner than I apply it, I can only blame Sherwin Williams for so long..

    OWN UP to what is wrong if you want to remain the CEO until the next bankruptcy. Otherwise they will have to bring in a new CEO to babysit this company to the next and FINAL bankruptcy. It is coming!

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