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  • garysnoop1 garysnoop1 Apr 23, 2014 1:38 PM Flag

    GM should have gotten rid of Buick and kept Pontiac

    Gave up the firebird for an empty parking space

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    • Here's why Buick stayed and Pontiac went, according to Bob Lutz:

      The Feds basically wanted to get GM down to Cadillac and Chevrolet. They said, "you don't need all these brands. You need one prestige brand, and one mass-market brand." And we said "well we can't get rid of Buick because Buick is important in China, and if Buick becomes an orphan in the United States then the Chinese are no longer gonna be interested in it." And the Feds said "Fair enough, but everything else goes." We said well we'd also like to keep GMC. They said "well, GMC is basically just like Chevrolet," and we said "that may be true, there may be a lot of shared components, but GMC has an entirely different image, a different customer base, and people are willing to pay different prices for a GMC, and here's the profitability," and the Feds said "whoops, okay, keep GMC."

      So now we had Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Chevrolet, and then, I wanted, badly wanted, to keep Pontiac,...

      but the Feds said "yeah, let's just, how much money have you made on pontiac in the last 10 years?" and the answer was "nothing." So, it goes. And, when the guy who is handing you the check for 53 billion dollars says I don't want pontiac, drop pontiac or you don't get the money, it doesn't take you very long to make up your mind.

      So that is why.


    • Just by the mind set here,I see why they are in the crupp their in.And while I'm at it,my 70 Vette has a much better interior in it ..The Vett interior looks like it should be in a Vega..

    • BUICK THE OLD PERSONS CAR was not even making money when they said buick would not be bankrupt. GM makes insane decisions. Rather have a firebird with pin strips and a big motor than a crummy buick which i would never buy. Six divisions down bankrupt four divisions left to go belly up. The errors GM makes the stock which stays underwater 90% of the time is so great they will study this one at BONKERS UNIVERSITY when they finally bleed to death.

    • They kept an old mans' car and blew off the Bonneville..Brilliant..It's the old peoples last ride ,except to the hearse..Now if you bought a Bonneville, your next ride would be a Cadillac.Great economic choice ..

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