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  • questinator questinator Aug 8, 2014 5:44 PM Flag

    Car buyers are most loyal to these brands

    CNBC - 1. Ford
    Percentage of returning customers: 64

    For overall loyalty, Ford tops the list.

    For one thing, the company has an incredibly wide array of products—it offers everything from tiny subcompacts to pickup trucks. For another, many of those models are leaders—the F-150 is a top-selling truck, and the Mustang has survived where many of its competitors have perished or come and gone.

    "If you own a Ford and want to switch categories," Libby said, "you can typically find a model that fits what you are looking for."

    The company has also strengthened its portfolio over the last several years with popular additions, including the Fusion, the Escape and the Focus.

    Ford's evasion of the bankruptcies and financial troubles that ailed fellow American automakers GM and Chrysler also resulted in fewer disruptions to its business.


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    • greatday43 Aug 11, 2014 10:32 PM Flag

      I hope GM goes BK again, I am shorting this dog.

    • The problem I see within Ford? Lots of money going into the F series trucks. Without a full size sedan platform for any senior models. Lincoln MKS and Taurus being moved onto a modified FWD Fusion based platform soon - that's about it. Nothing mentioned from the new Mustang platform - like a Lincoln focused model. Cadillac prefers to introduce a high end sedan RWD in about 12 months. The ATS/CTS platform based 2016 Camaro comes sooner rather than later. And Chrysler's working hell outta that old Mercedes platform with the 300/Challenger/Charger. Ford's calling card centers upon an aluminum F series with a 2.7 twin turbo V6. Slim pickin's there.

      GM's "so called" problem with recalls doesn't bother me. In fact, as they handle the overall situation I firmly believe it will become a positive program for GM. "Drop by your GM dealer, we need to take a look at something". Handled correctly that can only become a very positive program with customers. Time will tell.

      We shall see, won't we.

      • 2 Replies to greatday43
      • (((Handled correctly that can only become a very positive program with customers.)))

        Since when can GM be relied upon to handle anything correctly?
        They didn't handle the design correctly.
        They didn't reject parts that didn't match the design correctly.
        They didn't roll the part number correctly.
        They didn't acknowledge their issues with the switches voluntarily correctly.
        They didn't admit they had any switch issue whatsoever until an attorney FORCED them to by taking their switch failures into the public forum.
        They didn't install recalled parts correctly - several reports already of GM putting the old defective switches into recalled vehicles and therefore having to be re-done.
        They didn't set up their recall site correctly - people who needed recall-related repairs were told on the GM website that they were not subject to the recall.

        So greatday, I'm curious: what makes you think GM is going to suddenly start doing things correctly? If they did things correctly we wouldn't be talking about this in the first place.


      • Ford has loyal customers. They earned it. GM is handling this horrible sequence as well as can be expected. It is unfortunate that so many of the recalls derive from cars and brands no longer produced. Keeping their eye on the product and customer will get GM where they want to be. The vehicles are terrific.

        As I thought, Impala and the trucks are huge winners. What more can be said about Corvette and Camaro. Best in class. Buick is finding its sweet spot. Love this little Chevy Spark too. The ATS 3.6 awd is a terrific car. Nice.

    • that is fine, as long as they don't return GM, I am ok with that.

    • Assuming that there is some truth to this claim, what could possibly explain it. Do Ford customers get better results from their Ford products? Not likely. At CR Used Cars A to Z, Ford gets its share of black dots and they get few red dots. I can't say which domestic producer gets the better mix of red and black dots. All of them get poor to mediocre results for quality. So, what could explain the claim of more repeat business? Ford more or less serves the lower end of the customer mix. Ford customers probably have more challenging finances and fewer options. Starting out, I had a couple of used Fords. They were all I could afford. Then I moved up to GM and more lately I have moved on to Toyota. Fix or repair daily. That's all you have to know about Ford.

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