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  • mcammarata mcammarata Sep 20, 1997 9:10 PM Flag

    Synopsys, the next 10X!

    Looking for comments from any SNPS shareholders or customers. SNPS is my #3 holding and will be for quite awhile. Let's talk about all the future growth potential and how far this company can go. Does anyone own SNPS out there? I'll bet you do, or should!
    Mike Cammarata

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    • ddelrus,
      In this industry, you have Cadence CDN which has seen its valuation shoot up, and you have Synopsys SNPS which is also doing well, though still waiting to break 50 again. Everyone else in the field is very small. Now, CDN and SNPS have cross licensed some key technology to further their goals in the industry. SNPS has been very good to me so far and it should continue to do well over the long term with lots of bumps along the way.
      Mike Cammarata

    • Hello...actually I am reading along, but I need to research more before I can make meaningful contribution. Please keep the analysis coming.

      It looks like the valuation has come up quite a bit, with the P/E at what, over 30? I need to look at all the fundamentals to see if I think this will be a long term grower. So you think that, from a business perspective, this is a company to stick with? I always like the term "market leader"...? Also, I wouldn't be worried about a quarterly drop off of 5% in GROWTH. When the drop is a 5% DROP, then I start to get concerned. Just my opinion.

    • Is no one interested in talking about the ins and outs of the Viewlogic merger? Very interesting how the whole ball got started with AVNT trying to acquire VIEW for 25 and then CDN getting into the act to pick off Eagle and a few other products. It's all laid out in the proxy. I don't think anyone is reading this here.
      Mike Cammarata

    • SNaPperS,
      Well, here we have those eagerly awaited Q4 and FY earnings. .42 cents for the quarter, very good. Cadence's CEO Costello resigning, sending CDN into a tailspin. Not even a stock split could save them today. Looks like it's time for SNPS to pick up
      Gambit and Viewlogic and beat CDN into submission. Thoughts anyone???? Does anyone even read this board???? I particularly liked the year over year EPS growth of 35%. Not bad. Definitely see the slowdown in top line growth though. FY97 over FY96 is 25% growth in revs, Q4 97 over Q4 96 is only 20%. It looks like it's going to take some time to integrate and really recognize the synergies from all these mergers, including EPIC and the newly announced Viewlogic, and the possibly future Gambit. Analysts
      will be worried on the short end about top line growth while the longs hold in there looking for the long term synergies. We'll see what happens. Hey, any comments appreciated. Later
      Mike Cammarata

    • SNaPperS,
      With all this news, where are the posts? Isn't anyone excited about the Gambit equity stake giving us place and route tools and the Viewlogic merger which will make us formidable enough to watch Cadence drift in the rear view mirror. Agreed, short term
      there are lots of integration issues to be worked out here and it will take at least 6 months before the fruits of the merger can even start to be realized, but I think we're really in the zone now and 1 year from now we are on top of the world. Please comment on your thoughts here guys. Thanks.
      Mike Cammarata

    • So, anyone know why we sold ARKOS to Quickturn? The official reason given last quarter was softness in the hardware emulation market, but I wonder what really happened. Also, who is Synopsys going to acquire in order to establish the full end to end deal? Any thoughts. I'm thinking it will probably be a private company because I don't see any public deals that look particularly synergistic for one reason or another.
      Love how they downgraded SNPS in July from 38 down to 30, only to upgrade us again at 38 into the 40's only 3 months later. Obviously, the analysts don't understand the company and the technology/market. later
      Mike Cammarata

    • I'm a customer of SNPS for a good many years. What aspects of SNPS would you like to discuss? Competition position today or tomorrow, revenue growth and source, or ????


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      • Who does SNPS sell to. What are the factors for future growth? Are they involved with Intel's submicron tech?

      • just_guessing,
        Hi! I'd like to discuss their competitive position in the industry, particulary vis a vis Cadence. I'm not 100% up to speed in this industry, however are we seeing a customer driven drive towards a total end to end solution. Do you guys want the whole
        package, logic syn, behavoiral syn, simulation, modeling, physical layout, verification, and others? Will the merger of Cadence and Cooper & Chyan block SNPS from being a complete end to end player? If not, any candidates on who they'll need to buy? Has the Epic Design merger been integrated well? Who presents a major threat to them besides Cadence? Do you feel the revenue growth will continue to be there? I'd like to cover all the leaders here in this market, who else is there? Will price competition
        be cutting into future margins, or once you're a SNPS customer, it's just not worth switching no matter how good the deal? Are the products so good it doesn't matter how much the cost(within reason!)? Do see Dollar problems hurting overseas margins, will overseas continue to grow. Can the market get saturated short term? Wow! I can't believe I just asked you all these questions! I'm sorry for overburdening you, I know you're probably very busy and can't take too much timeout. Any answers you can
        provide, any other industry leaders to look at, and cautious warnings, or whatever would be great. My average is 31 and I plan on being a long term investor, measured in years, and am wondering whether I need to balance out and buy some Cadence or someone else to cover the whole industry. So sorry for this lengthy questioning! Any info welcome!
        Mike Cammarata

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