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  • allstar33 allstar33 Apr 15, 1999 1:13 PM Flag

    SNPS - A top pick 4 the next decade

    The May issue of Money magazine lists "10 Tech Stocks for the next Decade." Synopsys is on the list!!! Along with CSCO, EMC, and others.

    Go long and good luck.

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    • The conference call was very positive in my
      opinion. They do not see any of the problems that CDN
      cited. They feel that the industry is in a good position
      and are comfortable with their position and estimates
      of 20% top line growth and earnings of $2.50 for the
      fiscal year.

      Also, the comompany is positioning
      itself for the move to 0.18 micron. In doing so they
      will be entering the physical design arena. Also, they
      stated that they bought Gambit Design

      The number for next quarter is $0.64.

    • You had indicated next Q .64 to .66 , is this from the conference call ? Can you or anyone give a summary of the CC . Thanks in advance .

    • Yes, I must look for it but will find and post. No problem. Jetsen

    • 60 cents. Nailed the uppermost level of the range
      of .56 to .60.

      "Record revenue for the
      quarter. Earnings growth ACCELERATING."

      Net income
      up 46% for the quarter/last yr quarter comp!!!

      EPS up 36% for the quarter/last yr quarter

      Net income up 63% for the 6 month/last yr 6 mo

      EPS up 53% for the 6 month/last yr 6 mo

      Solid acquisitions in Gambit and Smartech for future

      Total assets up almost 17% compared to last year
      including tons of
      This stock is severely underpriced at it's current
      levels with the latest earnings release. The growth
      rates above are absolutely phenomenal and justify a PE
      well above current ranges.

      I'm not even going
      to try to guess where we'll open tomorrow- just
      going to sit back and enjoy the ride in a very vertical
      direction tomorrow.

    • Met expectations, no signs of
      slowing growth, next quarter
      64 cents to 66 cents. If SNPS
      does not go up I would be very
      surprised, actually I bet we hit
      50 tommorrow.....

    • After reading the everyone pleased?...Time to invest or not?
      Also, how do you think the mkt will treat SNPS in the morning?

    • On the company web site. Appears in line with expectation. 60

    • I Have a 70.00 price target in 6 months.

    • Bounced nicely off the low 40s

      Shorts have been covering (and should drive the price up
      heavily in last 15 minutes of trading to come) before
      earnings are released after the bell (downside limited
      considering company preannounced would be within the expected
      range so not a good idea to hold short

      I'm liking the way things are shaping up. If
      expectations are met, I'm looking for a return to a recent
      trading average of 48-50 in the next few weeks. If
      expectations are beaten, 50 will be taken out in a day or two
      of trading and who knows where it runs from there.

    • Here it goes up on high volume (250,000 in five minutes), come on institutional investors, put us into positive territory

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