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  • rahod rahod Jun 3, 1999 10:16 PM Flag


    Do you realize that SNPS is currently trading at
    at a muliple of 14 X the estimated earnngs for
    2000!! If all goes "well", it should trade at a PE of at
    least 25...that gives us $75 a share...almost double
    from here! Actually quite a few analyst follow the
    stock (go to Yahoo research) and the current status is:
    7 "STRONG buys" and 6 "buys"...with rating of 1.38
    (strong signal!). As some of you may know, Baron`s came
    out with a very positive article several weeks ago. I
    also see quite a bit of news wire coverage (Yahoo
    "news") SNPS is staying in the limelight! Not a lot
    of"groupies"...that`s ok with me! We WILL see the stock appreciate
    considerably over the next 6 months!Good luck to all!

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    • on NVDA today.

      They've signed a deal with
      Sony - still in the gaming arena but worth mentioning
      due to the last part of the article...

      IS producing graphics for support in mainstream
      PC's. Combined with Rambus's DRAM, NVDA should put out
      the best graphics ever seen on PC. Motion graphics...
      I don't know. All I know is this; they're in a
      business where P/E ratios usually don't mean squat ... and
      theirs means major gains, simply put.

      They lead
      the graphics industry. There are no competitors with
      the same capabilities. With large Companys like Sony
      backing them, they can NOT go wrong.

      Wait till
      Japan recovers fully (now in process) and they are
      ready to start buying Sony Playstations, the New
      Nintendo, and PT III supported computers.... NVDA's along
      for the ride.

      OK, I'm done with my soap box.

      Good luck to you.

    • is this:

      Mark Edelstone with Morgan
      Stanley, Dean Witter, is calling this a buy - and all of
      MSDW is high on the stock. The last three tech stocks
      they've advised on went sky high - I've had NO miscues.

      Guess that's not giving you any technical information -
      but who's more technically sound than Edelstone?

    • Does this NVDA processor have any value in terms of digital motion picture content? Could it be part of a cable modem download/viewer device or am I just blowing smoke here?

    • is being used EXCLUSIVELY in all Pentium III
      units to come out in Sept. You know the ramifications
      of that... PIII will replace everything due to
      obsolescence with PI and PII... I'm guessing NVDA will ride
      the same bus that RMBS and SNPS is going to be on.

    • is that they are basically tied to games, right?
      And their profit margin is kind of slim - indicating
      maybe they're product is commoditized?? I don't
      consider them to be upstream. I'm looking at the folks who
      supply them and their suppliers - the rule makers.

    • I am fairly heavily loaded with NVDA. At 18
      currently, it's a steal. Low P/E (yeah, hard to believe in
      the tech sector), good revenues and heavy with cash.
      Poised to skyrocket too.

      SNPS is a well hidden
      company that's going to skyrocket when the mm's become
      more involved and one JUST ONE big market maker comes
      out and calls it a very strong buy. I'm guessing
      that'll be MSDW within the next few weeks.

      and see.

    • look around! We are in the right place - at the
      far upstream end of the Tech sector at a secular
      inflection point - when fab process/technology/device
      applications will take another huge leap forward and the
      headwater co's like this are making all the rules. I also
      like ASML, especially after the latest word from Intel
      on the bigger plate.

    • I'm hyped about this because it's my single
      largest holding. I've been somewhat nervous - not about
      the company or it's finances (that's real strong) but
      about the lack of interest from the big

      When the mm's get a hold of this one, we're gonna


      That stiff drink did help.

    • Rahod, you are right. To get the next upward push
      to the 60 level, we need the momentum players to
      pounce on this, along with analyst upgrades and some
      positive press from CNBC and/or financial newspapers, or
      some positive news from companies in related

      A bond market rally wouldn't hurt either. The 30
      year bond won't be above 6% for long, so it sets the
      stage to lift tech stocks as the bond market improves.

    • I think the stock will now ATTRACT a lot of
      momentum players and funds. A stock doesn`t shoot up like
      this and go "unnoticed" for long! So we should
      see...for the most part...a continuation of the run up,
      although pullbacks from here out (even now) are

      Good luck and "hold on"!

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