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  • fpc42 fpc42 Jun 11, 1999 1:21 PM Flag

    Sneaky spam - now, about SYN;

    we're holding up pretty good in here. I got off of TQNT earlier today - overheated. SYN seems to be staying the course - is that just good institutional sponsorship?

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    • did you notice Business Week's (June 21) Tech 100 article. Their annual report lists oracle as the top pick, and Mary Meeker's first pick personally.

    • Brokers has lost it's meaning. Everything
      changes. Today, 3 months is fairly long.

      Just the
      way it is.

      As a matter of semantics; short
      and long term holds were for taxation purposes.
      That's no longer the case, at least not when you're
      talking about pure trading.

    • The only thing that is attractive about CDN in
      the financials is the sales number. That why I prefer
      SNPS, consistent growth, consistent earnings, low P/E
      and other things that CDN doesn't have. "Consistency"
      is the key for me.

      Even at $5 I wouldn't be
      interested in CDN. But I like to have many downgrades before
      I buy a good quality stock. Have you seen ORCL
      today after the last downgrade a few weeks

      Sorry for CDN.


    • >this is a long termer for another two to
      three months...

      This is the point!! 2 months is
      NOT long term!! it's VERY short term!... some people
      really lost the meaning of long term investing...

    • SNPS is a long term hold AT LEAST until we see
      some strong mm action. I'm guessing this is a long
      termer for another two to three months... get out before
      the end of the year bear bites, and Y2K scares enough
      people (which it WILL, don't kid yourself)...sell at
      about 78 to 82, then wait for the depression to 60
      again. When we hit 60 after this year's bear bites...
      I'm going to be positioned to load up on this baby.

      Print this and put it on your PC at home...

    • Thats a huge buy signal Rasp! You'd be crazy not to own somew CDN at these levels. For long only though - SNPS is better for short term money.

    • Yes...I do think we will have a BRIEF pause
      here..could be one week or one month.BUT....this baby will
      see new highs within the next couple months. I`m
      convinced we are seeing a "replay" of last year...around
      MID NOV. The stock ran up 40% in TWO months!! I do
      not think, however, that we will see the subsequent
      decline this time around (Y2K JITTERS).Good luck!

    • I think we're looking at a mimimal movement
      period for the next month or two prior to Q2 reports.
      Stiil, there's little chance of a major pullback
      according to MSDW -so might as well shelf this one for a
      while, enjoy the ride and start planning for the next
      move after we profit from selling our stakes at 80.??

    • This stock looks remarkably like it did in Nov of
      last year. It`s come off a double bottom (like Oct 98)
      and exploded to the upside. If it behaves in a
      similar manor, we will see some "stalling" until it
      touches down on the 13 day MA....this should only take a
      week or two ? It should then resume a more modest rise
      and hit 70 within two months! I see 80 within 6
      months.Good luck to all

    • Let's the fun begin!


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