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  • EDAnew EDAnew Jul 11, 1999 6:18 AM Flag

    Insider sales, not insider pruchase

    Any one can make comment on SNPS
    insider activity? Yahoo 'Insider'
    page for SNPS shows all were sales,
    none purchase since '98 till May'99.
    The activity looks very similar to

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    • and give me the frequency? These high tech plays are driving me nuts. I need to concentrate on basic materials.

    • range for SNPS? We seemed to be on our way there last month but the recent correction tells me this may be more than just year-end portfolio adjustment and could indicate a cyclic turn.

    • newsletter changes (copyright)
      ..with Synopsys
      doesn�t just sell chip design and verification software.
      They talk their customers into multiyear partner
      relationships in which SNPS helps change the whole design
      process for higher speed, better quality and faster time
      to market, while integrating best-of-breed tools
      from many sources to run seamlessly with the Synopsys
      core. In November they announced deals with SGI
      (formerly Silicon Graphics), Hitachi, STMicro electronics
      and Actel.

      This is a great way to sell
      because it generates what is essentially recurring
      revenue year after year. I raised my buy limit to $65, up
      $5, because the stock still gives us 22 times
      earnings for 22% growth.

    • This is the SNPS board... your cheerleading for CDN might go over better on the CDN board.

    • Only one market alone there are 329 Nov. 12 1/2 call contracts traded, and more than 100 Nov. 15 call contracts traded so far. We may see a pre-close jump of the stock.

    • CDN: large block buying around $16 (uptick).

    • One more big favorable factor, fueling the upside move is that
      CDN stocks has 8.5 million shares short position which have to be bought back.
      $20 -22 is not a joke!!

    • CDN broke out $15 3/8, may make up the gap (up to
      (1) Business is strongly turning
      (2) Insiders are buying. According to the THomson
      Investors Network Company (provided to by DLJ as one of the
      selective clients status I am using). The largest insider
      block buying was 250,000 shares by John Olsen, near
      $14/share. Other smaller massive buyings were the following
      Vicent. Sangiovanni, Alberto, Willian Porter, John
      Shoven. Don Lucas, Shane Robison, Ray Bingham.
      can verify this piece important information by
      subscribing the Thomson Investors Network Company. I am just
      copying it down here. Hope it is helpful.
      Strong buy!

    • You are correct; I stand corrected. Keutzer was
      only quoted by Cadence, while Alberto
      Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, a fellow professor at Berkeley ( of 'espresso'
      fame) is on the Cadence Board of Directors.

      URL for the story in eetimes

      The quote attributed to Keutzer about being
      "deconverted" remains intact.

      "In its presentation,
      Cadence quotes Kurt Keutzer, professor
      of electrical
      engineering and computer science at the
      University of
      California at Berkeley, who has made the
      argument that deep-submicron effects are not
      at the 50,000-gate block level. While the
      Project technology places no limits on block size, it
      Keutzer's argument that the assembly and routing of
      blocks is the first and foremost concern.

      Nano Project also brings to life the long-held view
      Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, professor of
      engineering and computer science at Berkeley, that
      or communications design should be separate
      "functional" design. Cadence does that by partitioning
      those portions of blocks that handle
      communications, and synthesizing them first."

      "What you
      want to work on first is what's most important,
      in general that is communications,"
      Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, a member of Cadence's board of

    • Your fiancial analysis may be right on, but your
      interpretation of Kurt's quote and status is way off. His "de
      conversion" is about needing to link synthesis and placement,
      something that Cadence, Magma, Monterey and SNPS are all
      hastening to do. Keutzer the heretic and says that you
      don't need to do both together... Read the quote below
      ! I was unable to find anything about Kurt acting
      as advisor to Cadence either

      Keutzer, who until recently was chief technology officer
      at Synopsys Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.), said that
      a year ago he too was spreading the gospel about
      the impact of interconnect delays. But all that
      suddenly changed. �I became de-converted about the notion
      of uniting synthesis with physical design,� he said.
      �You can do 50,000- to 100,000-gate modules without a
      new methodology, as long as you have sufficient drive

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