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  • chips_beer_pizza chips_beer_pizza Sep 3, 1999 5:04 PM Flag

    This company is

    in a great position. They own the tools that are used in most design flows. My only concern is growth. How do they continue to grow their revenues?

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    • There is a big difference between anticipating
      physical placement and using placement info to make timing
      in synthesis and then not miss timing when you go to
      place&route. This has less to do with scripting and more to do
      with having synthesis optimize for placement just as
      it would for any other constraint. Synopsys DC
      cannot do that yet, Cadence with PKS can and does do it
      today. EDAVeteran is pointing out that a better flow is
      going to get your design done faster. I think Synopsys
      agrees with this, but PhysOpt (or whatever) isn't ready

    • He is no stooge. In fact he is very slick. And if
      he doesn't get paid-off (in the form of a consulting
      contract of one form or another) he doesn't "like" your
      product. He IS a form of Synopsys marketing, just in the

      There is such a thing as partial integrity. John has to
      have technical integrity or he will lose his audience.
      He has to have audience/customer integrity or he
      will tarnish his community reputation. But as far as
      being loyal to the truth about EDA tools, his integrity
      is highly influenced by the "green machine", if you
      know what I mean. He has to be subtle about his
      favoritism, which is what makes him so slick. He is a
      salesperson in sheep-farmers clothing.I find a salesperson
      wearing a suit to be of higher integrity - at least you
      know where they are coming from.

    • What a moronic post. I see synthesized logic at
      MHz all around me. You are either dim or living in a
      of extremely unenlightened DC users.

      or not you have a synthesis-based or integrated
      flow, fact is that the designer has to anticipate the
      placement at whole-chip and block level way before ever
      "compile" (and code accordingly). If a designer
      conceptualize at both logic and physical levels to start
      an integrated tool ain't gonna make his/her brain
      cells work
      any better...


    • And only a classless demagogue would call him
      one. I have
      met John and talked with him on a
      number of occasions - either
      somebody's got integrity
      or they don't. John is the

      Further, I think he's got a better, more objective pulse
      where Synopsys stands competitively than a lot of
      product marketing does.

      Notwithstanding, he's
      certainly a better ASIC consultant
      than columnist - but
      I wouldn't assail him for that. :-)


    • Intraday high 65 1/8 - sure glad I only sold off
      half my position before. :-)

      Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • John Coolie has little credibility anymore. He is
      so tight with Synopsys or anyone who pays him off.

      John, we liked you better when you were objective, but
      that stopped happening long ago. You do your best to
      cover it up though. Now that you are a media whore, you
      get to be anonymously lumped in with all the other
      "objective pundits". Best replace the overalls with a shiny
      Armani, and be who you really are. Take a good long look
      in the mirror.

    • No answers from the analyst. I didn't receive any replied so far.



    • Does anyone have any info as to why snps got a strong sell?

    • Nothing exiting but good to know...

      shares of this electronic design automation (EDA)
      company have risen sharply in recent months, reflecting
      renewed investor confidence in the semiconductor in-
      dustry recovery. We expect SNPS�s earnings momen- tum to
      continue into 2000, and have maintained our accumulate
      rating on the shares. SNPS has gained market share in
      recent quarters, and recent acquisitions have further
      strengthened its position in high-level de-sign. With chip
      complexity continuing to grow at a factor of 10 every six
      years, we expect demand for SNPS�s design tools to fuel
      long-term growth of about 25%. Based on the company�s
      strong position in the bur- geoning EDA market, we
      regard the shares as attrac- tive at a recent level of
      18X our FY 00 EPS estimate of $3.12 (before goodwill
      amortization charges).

      SNPS believes its HLDA
      methodology is applicable to
      a wide range of digital
      microelectronic design. HLDA
      tools are marketed to customers
      that design complex integrated circuits and electronic
      systems, including many of the world�s leading
      semiconductor, computer, communications and aerospace companies.
      Markets for the company�s products are characterized by
      rapid technological advances, competitive pressures to
      de- velop and introduce new products, the need for
      testability and the necessity of extensive system simula-
      tion and debugging prior to design implementation.


    • but we can move it back over to the CPWR board
      after this: the concensus is that CPWR staff is not
      handling the anlysts very well - being arrogant about
      providing guidance, changing revenue reporting breakdowns,
      and Peter's unnecessary chip on his shoulder. If Euro
      and Asiatic sales start improving this quarter I
      think we'll be fine. So, any fellow SNPSers who want to
      join us over at CPWR it's a buy right now - that't the
      end of my little pump-it up spam.

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