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  • icguy2000 icguy2000 Jan 18, 2000 10:31 AM Flag

    synopsys on the inside track to win

    There seems to be a lot of Cooley on these boards
    lately. Heres another one.

    In the Jan 14 posting
    Cooley reports a customer saying they passed they passed
    on cadence's PKS partly because "in it's current
    state PKS uses Ambit at the front end with the Ambit
    Static Timing Analyzer, and Qplace at the back end with
    Pearl as the Static Timing Analyzer, something we
    thought was a mishmash and certain to cause timing
    correlation problems."

    All the financial analysts keep
    harping on timing closure. Doesn't the state of PKS
    pretty much put synopsys on the inside track to win this
    particular horse race?

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    • tellmewhatandwhentobuy tellmewhatandwhentobuy Jan 25, 2000 10:49 AM Flag

      Thanks for your reply. I too like Mr. Murphy's
      logic. Nevertheless, when it comeds to entree points; i
      like to use my own criteria which helps the "timing."

      One must also 'reconcile' the temporary negative
      market bias of Mr.Murphy with his buy limits, as you

      SNPS broke lomg term support today. Being bellow all
      moving averages the break is very negative, in my humble
      opinion. I will keep monitoring for finding support.

      If you wish to discuss off line; drop me a note at, Best of luck.

    • Tellmewhatandwhentobuy:

      Yes, I do read Mr.
      Murphy. I think his logic
      on SNPS is sound. Frankly, I
      own enuf
      now that I will probably not buy more
      it hits the 40s, which I doubt. SNPS will
      not be
      an explosive stock, but I believe
      it is solid. At
      this point, even if it returns
      to the high 60s I'll
      have a nice profit. Right
      now, SNPS is 8% of my
      portfolio. I am trying
      to populate my portfolio right now
      with slightly
      less high flyers that still have
      potential and a margin of safety. SNPS,
      WCOM, SPLS, and
      MAYBE BBY and NITE fit the bill.

    • Picked up some more at 53 3/8.

      Thanks, JoeC

    • Can you say dog?

      Glad I sold.


    • tellmewhatandwhentobuy tellmewhatandwhentobuy Jan 23, 2000 10:34 PM Flag

      I am about to buy SNPS here at support, which has been tested 5 times going back to July...

      Do you read Michael Murphy as I do?

      Good luck.

    • Agree, most of them don't have any sense of
      paranoid. As Andy Grove once said Only Paranoid can
      survive. With their laid-back attitude, I really doubt
      there will be any big leap in the future.

      refering to 1/18/00 3:20pm post
      Look on the
      during the last month. All
      insiders should
      shareless by now. What is
      the positive news
      by the
      way? Buy ratings? SNPS
      was rated buy
      forever (for
      about the same time it is

      S&P500). It is not a
      positive news any
      Good product? Well,
      Apple was always
      than Microsoft. Which
      stock you wish you

      bought 10 years ago?
      Business skills is what

      counts. SNPS hasn't got
      This may be a good
      for short-term trading
      (BTW, I made some

      money on it). In the long
      run its not worth you
      and money, IMHO.

    • Joecty:

      Funny coincidence on the WCOM
      mention. I
      have bought more of both WCOM below 45

      and SNPS below 56 myself. The value on both
      very strong. SNPS I like because of
      the low risk,
      WCOM because its ownership
      of the IP backbone is
      still misunderstood.

      SNPS is gaining share and
      product differentiation, a powerful

      While I am typing here, I will also say
      that both
      XLNX and NITE look very attractive
      to me here as
      well. Anyway, a crazy week,
      next week may be the
      same !!.......have
      a good weekend....


    • Same analysis applies to WCOM. While there
      downside risk to $37, upside potential is incredible.
      Expect WCOM to double in next 12 months. Check it out. I
      apologize for the spam, but WCOM, like SNPS, should be
      grabbed and held for at least six months.

    • Support at 53.25 has held numerous times recently. SNPS trading at 54.44 after hours. Buy now. Downside looking at $1 and upside at least $11. Why wait? Much more risk of losing the uptick here.

    • still here and long. I took all my profits (42
      per share to 56) a few months ago and have bought and
      sold some other quick movers. I'm back to buy SNPS
      again (this time for the long haul) and need some info.

      Anyone here got the T/A on SNPS? MS has it in their
      "future leaders" portfolio, I know... but what's the
      current trend? Can I wait till we see 53, or do I need to
      load up now? Saw your 1/18 post - anything under 54.
      Wish we could see 50 for about an hour???

      say hello again when I'm back in.

      Good luck
      till then.

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