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  • nowjer nowjer Jan 25, 2000 12:01 PM Flag

    Snowstorm in NY. Low volume manipulate

    Buy and take advandtage

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    • he doesn't know anything about synthesis, much less physical synthesis.

    • was the biggest NOOP at CDN (very
      expensive over-head) and most likely will
      deliver "nothing" at Synopsys as well -
      just one BIG losser.

    • Lee joined the Professional Services Group (PSG)
      when SNPS was ramping up on it. I guess his selling
      point then was his inside "observer" status of the CDN
      spectrum services fiasco.

      His current position
      looks like a natural progression given his experience
      at CDN. I guess the PSG position was a lay-over
      until a suitable oppurtunity appeared which could
      leverage his experience.

    • Hey thanks for your inside view, nilgiri94. Much

      Can you also share with us what the
      inside opinion is on this Jerry Lee guy who snps just

      It seems to me that synopsys has bagged
      the big one. This guy has fourteen yr experience in
      building *physical* tools. He was the R&D head at cadence
      and helped build that place&route empire. Seems he
      bailed out of CDN (like a lot of other very good talent)
      when CDN started its slide south. Now he's heading up
      physical synthesis. Given that physical synthesis is a
      meld of physical design + synthesis and synopsys
      already has a lot of synthesis gurus, I would count this
      fellow as a coup for synopsys.... Appreciate any isight
      you may have on this. Tx.

    • If you have an agenda, please post. YOu can wait it to drop to $35 in your dream bud. Synopsis is still an excellent company to invest Long.

    • I will still short, please buy !

    • This is an excellent buying opportunity. I think the market has overacted somewhat ... but overall, SNPS fundamentally has not changed.

    • DAMM this shit got one downgrade today, can't see what the reason is. Anybody out there know???

    • I am a CDN long, but agree entirely with your
      statements. My take is that CDN and SNPS both have strong
      positions in the battle to link synthesis with the back
      end, and neither is likely to vanquish the other.
      Thus, both should be good mid to long term investments.

      CDN is busy meeting expectations and building
      backlog, but their history of poor execution means that
      dramatic upswings are unlikely. SNPS has traditionally not
      shown itself able to succeed in the non-synthesis arena
      (exception is VCS, which is now in a battle royale with
      CDN's NCV for top dog position), and so has an uphill
      climb, and thus is in a similar position.

      However, I think both companies are in a position to
      benefit from the semiconductor boom and thus will slowly
      and steadily trade upward over the coming year or
      two, at least.

      The game in EDA is almost always
      an incremental one. I suspect most of the posters on
      this board and on the CDN board are current or former
      employees (like myself - former CDN), because there are
      much better investments to be made outside EDA. So
      it's no surprise that we have the cheerleaders, and
      the doomsayers, and we all know where they come from
      (the other camp!).

      So to sum up, both CDN and
      SNPS will make money long term for their investors for
      the foreseeable future, but there will be corrections
      for both along the way. And all the while, we will
      endure the squawking of those with only short term
      vision on both sides of the aisle....

    • These insights are what message boards need most. Well done!

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