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  • piece_of_protoplasma piece_of_protoplasma Feb 7, 2000 11:44 AM Flag

    came to look on it again:

    STILL A CRAP! Employees must be updating their resumes right now

    Stick with you shares if you've got any but I would not buy that piece of s**t

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    • Just shut up!

    • I've been posting messages as a warning based on
      what I've been able to find out about the company from
      a variety of sources. I am not a religious zealot
      who is a cheerleader for any company, such as is the
      case with a number of posters here. Contrary to all
      the technical sophisticates here Synopsys' stock has
      been wildly overvalued. All that has happened is that
      it is now where it should be. In my opinion the
      whole EDA market is a mere pittance. It has nothing to
      do with the semi industry.

      Please use as
      many lines as you'd like.

      Let's make a bet; You have been bashing SNPS wishing
      that it would go to 40ies, 30ies since the beginning
      of times I have been on this board. If they met
      their earnings of $3.10 or above on Feb. 17th I want to
      read a post of yours saying how dumb you are for
      bashing SNPS. Else, I will write myself a post of how
      dumb I am for not listening to you...

      I can't
      wait to read your post! 10 lines minimum

      Rasp ;-)

    • It is not to some body's interest to get the
      analysts informed.

      Fact is that some get the annual
      option pack in March in the so called shareholder
      meeting based on the price at the time.

      It is
      alotmoreeasier to go from $40's to $70s than from $70 to

      Tell me it is not mean.

    • shit is feeling the squeeze ... hehehe. SNPS is
      recovering nicely. Did you buy in & convert to long

      Worse, you make take your skimmy doles and go to CDN.
      Your bucks & inverted logic are not


    • Success of a tech company is composed of two
      things: good technology and ability to convince others
      that it is good. On the technology front SNPS is doing
      ok. My personal opinion is that their public
      relations suck. Stock is down 40% in 1.5 months - did you
      hear anything from the company? I have an impression
      that the fund managers did not hear anything either.
      The analyst that downgraded SNPS may be an idiot but
      this is a *job* of the COO (to a lesser degree - CEO)
      to make sure that the analyst is educated enough
      about the company. BA is a science about how to do just

      >So, If you were in EDA, who would you rather work

      This depends. I value good work enviroment as well as
      money. Again, I am not saying SNPS is a bad company!!!!
      But I think that SNPS employees would be much happier
      if their stock options would not be under water.

    • MBA coursework can really add some perspective to
      a BS/MSEE. There has to be a point to pushing all
      those electrons around, right?

      Happy to say that
      smart ex-engineers use experience financial folks for
      the heavy money moving. I've never seen a fourier
      transform in an income statement, but I would never say
      finance was easy to do well. If you folks think it's
      easy, go find start-up money. You'll see.


    • and you came back to the board because you shorted some at 47? Why didn't you short it at 74.5? Not too shrewd. You never owned one share of this stock.

    • Traded on 12/06/99 at 74.5, sorry it was not 75.
      Call it luck or whatever. Somehow I did not believe it
      will stay high but I remember that I thought of
      waiting till 80 - good that I didn't since on the 10th it
      was 62!

    • This is my bet. SNPS to go back to $70 level in 2
      months. All of the negativites will be unfounded.
      Synopsys remains the most profitable & dominant Synthesis
      & Design Tool company out there. Get in while you
      still can!

    • shithead. Listen up smart ass. If you are a
      disgrunted investor, wrap up your shares and move elsewhere.
      You sound more like a short assh*le than an

      Your posts are piece of shit just like you are, and
      don't have any truth whatsoever.

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