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  • akjain1 akjain1 Jul 13, 2000 9:49 AM Flag

    Where is Murphy...?

    What a shame, this Stock is going down again on a rally day..

    Where is Murphy and his team..

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    • Good luck with your investments and sorry I spoke
      so harshly. I have trouble forgiving
      robbery/violence - as opposed to adult sex/gambling/drug crimes.
      Murphy's bio invokes the image of someone spraying air
      freshener around a
      I have done well trading Synopsis and am back in at
      31.25 It looks cheap compared to other tech stocks with
      similar balance sheets and historical numbers -
      especially other Nasdaq 100 stocks. Your WCOM is a great
      hold. I don't have the patience for it, but my mom
      does. IFMX and PSFT are too complicated for me to
      understand. -Angela

    • You are right, 1 "o". So MM was in the slammer,
      we all make mistakes. I have had good luck so far
      with his picks. For the record: 2-9 buy SNPS @40 7/16,
      sell 5-31 @47 3/8. 3-9 buy STJ @26 7/16, sell 5-1 @ 31
      5/8. 5-2 buy PSFT @ 14 1/2 still holding. 6-14 buy
      WCOM @ 42 13/16 still holding. 7-11 buy IFMX @ 4 7/16
      still holding.

    • Hey guys and gals,

      Why the drop in this
      stock besides the usual analyst downgrades and Wall
      Street rubbish. Is there something fundamentally wrong
      with the company management, the technology, the



    • 1) "loser" has only 1 "o"
      2) Were you trying
      to be humorous when you said "Haven't had a looser
      yet. STJ, SNPS, WCOM & IFMX"? SNPS made a 52 week low
      today, IFMX is near its 52 week low (and 73% from its
      high) and WCOM is closer to its 52 week low than its 52
      week high.
      3) You can go to
      for a pro Murphy spin on the bank robbery conviction.

    • My statement that he recommended to lighten up
      was based on his comment overallsee his flash reports
      and Saturday a response to the
      Microsoft position....he didn't recommend lightening up on
      SNPS...although given it's performance over the last week he
      should have !!

      read between the lines he says we
      could retrace 25%....down to 3, the way I'm
      long on SNPS and was long on BMCS right before the
      dramatic plunge (which he recommended as a strong buy and
      predectid they would blow past earnings forecasts)

      lost a ton of $'s on these two....short & trying to
      drive the price down.....NO WAY !!

      Just a
      concerned and disappointed investor !!

    • Keep everyone can see what a fool you are !!

    • Murph is out near the surf
      in Half Moon Bay,
      He likes fast cars.
      I had his advisory for a very
      short time. I didn't care for his service. Murph and
      his team must be out to lunch as usual.

    • I subscribe to MMurphy, and I got his latest
      'flash' 2 day ago saying that the market will be down
      because Microsoft will miss earnings by 3 cents.

      3 f***ing cents by one company and he thinks taht
      will ruin the summer!!!

      Hey Michael, MSFT is
      NOT the world. Their earnings being down means that
      Sun, IBM, HP, the Linux cos. (somebody else, you fill
      in the blanks) will be up.
      As a SW engineer, I
      definitely will NOT renew my subscription with MM.
      ONLY MMurphy stock I am doing well with is WCOM, and
      Murph said it would go up because the Feds would
      definitely NOT stop the FON merger. Murph may have been on
      about WCOM, but for the wrong reasons.

      MMurphy. Do our own research and DD.

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