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  • jballinvest jballinvest Feb 7, 2007 6:14 PM Flag

    The next month...

    ok, I'm impressed. You got any more prognostications you'd like to share with us? ;)

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    • Yes. ICNS.OB may make a huge move and soon - but a little upset to see Chief Technical Officer leaving. BJCT is a major winner over the next year or two - do your own dd.

      UUU is a little shaky at these levels, but it right where it should be considering all known information. A 15+ PE can be argued quite easily, especially considering the market strength. That would equate to a share price a little above 33. JV operations and Conduit performance will shed more light on future growth. Obviously that's a "duh" comment if ever there was one.

      If conduit and JV can contribute to 25 percent growth over the next 2 years, a PE of 18 along with better fundamentals could propel this company to 8 million a year in earnings with a modest 18 multiple, with a likely swing towards a 25 PE if we attract market exuberance. That would be the time to take our long term gains.

      So I figure that 2 years from now we should be at 59.7 (8mil Net Income x 18PE) if we can get 25% growth which should increase multiple from current 14. I also figure that at some time market exuberance should catapult it towards 80 at some point by Jan-Feb 2009.

      In the short term, we could see a drop to around 27-28, especially if earnings aren't historic highs, which I'm thinking they will be.

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