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  • someoneknocks someoneknocks Jun 19, 2007 3:46 PM Flag

    An exciting day...Zero Volume?

    I've been long in this stock for about a year, but don't really track the daily literally zero volume common for this stock? I've seen some low volume days...well, it looks to normally be low volume, but literally ZERO? Just wondering if this is normal, and if it indicates of sign of things to come. I guess you can say that the longs are quite comfortable with their current position...which is never a bad thing.

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    • I can give you some historical information on how UUU reacts going into earnings. I've been in this stock 15 months, and check its trading log on a daily basis.

      This stock tends to run OR stay flat the few weeks before an earnings release. Upon earnings, historically very strong, UUU will react up a few percent and then lose those gains by the end of the day. The next 2 days to a week, the stock stays flat and then tends to run going up almost daily for 2-4 weeks 1-2% at a time. The run ends with a few 6-10% spikes on high volume and then tends to find a base 5-15% under the high.

      Other longs can correct me if I'm mistaken or oversimplifying. Trends can change at anytime, but somebody would have to be completely ignorant to think that individual stocks don't display individual idiosyncracies when it comes to their trading patterns.


    • Yeah I too noticed this zero volume day. I think that everyone is waiting for earnings.

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